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Assyria: Total War

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Assyria: Total War
Platform Rome: Total War
Mod Type Total conversion or Graphics pack, etc.
Era813 BC - 500 BC
Mod Leader Legio
Release Status Under development
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Assyria Total War will take the player from the rise of the Assyrian empire to its fall. This is the age when the Greek City-States were still in the Dark Ages, and the power of the polis was emerging. Hoplite warfare was not invented yet. Can you lead your people to greatness and conquer the haughty Urartans? Can you sack the mighty city of Babylon and carry away the treasures of Jerusalem?

This mod focuses on an era that has never been before seen in any RTW mods. Will you stand against the tide of warriors and carve your own path to destiny?


  • Brand new, never seen before map focusing on the ancient near east!
  • A whole new list of factions, including many never seen before in any total war game or mod!
  • New units and unit types!
  • New trait system!
  • A reform that takes place when a Greek faction builds an acropolis. This is known so far as the "hoplite reform'. and allows hoplites and other related troops to be trained in Greece and elsewhere. Other, non-Greek factions will also have access to hoplites, such as the Israelites and Judaeans, hwo historically did have their own form of a phalanx.
  • Complete reskinning for every unit, and even a few new surprise models!
  • Command the greatest forces of the post-biblical world, from Assyrian Frontline Archers to Israelite Ne'Arim shock troops!
  • A Zone of Recruitment (ZoR) system tailored specifically for the game!
  • Loading screens showing historical exploits of the in-game factions- yes, the siege of Lachish and Sennacherib's Lion Hunts!
  • Over 150 new and relevant quotes found and added only to this mod!
  • A historically accurate mod that is not in the timeframe of all the other mods!
  • A complete new set of wonders on the map, including the Colossus of Memnon, the Temple of Solomon, and the mountain of Jabl Bakar!

Many other nice surprises that will blow your socks off and will be revealed in good time!


  • In the east the Persians were still a group of feuding tribes. The most powerful of these were known by the Hebrew peoples as Elamites.
  • But closer to home, and all the more dangerous, were the powers of Asshur (Assyria) and Bab-Ilu (Babylon). Assyria had a powerful army and was the greatest military innovator of its time, eventually conquering a huge amount of territory.
  • Babylon- the greatest city of all the world. She was a wonder, and extended her power over all. Her powerful chariots and numerous infantry swept over most opposition. With a good planner, Babylon might rule the world, and from there- who knows? The heavens, perhaps!
  • The Phoenician city-states were located on the eastermost coast of the Mediterranean. They were a sea-faring people, and colonized to the ends of the earth, founding great city such as Carthage and Gadir (modern-day Cadiz). Their most powerful cities were Sidon, Byblus, and Tyre. Tyre was so well-defended that even Alexander the Great himself took eight months to finally take it!
  • The Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, although of the same blood and culture, were rival nations. They sometimes banded together against the greater powers such as Babylon and Assyria, but always feuded. They were almost always, at best, in a state of neutrality. After the splitting of the Hebrews into two kingdoms, no other king succeeded in uniting them.

The Team

  • Legio
  • Marcel
  • Lu Bu
  • Olavi
  • Gen.James Wolfe


The mod was started in 2008 and is still in development. The team is working hard and are making progress at a steady pace.

Visual Material

Assyrian Infantry
Assyrian Cavalry
Assyrian Infantry model
Assyrian Faction Symbol
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