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Aymar de Bois Mauri

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Aymar de Bois Mauri is one of the original founders of Europa Barbarorum when it was still to become a manifesto for The Creative Assembly to correct historical errors in RTW. He is one of the few founding members that took on an active role in creating the EB MOD.

He was, together with Khelvan and later Urnamma, one of the long-time project leaders. Initially a jack-of-all-trades, concerned with such various things like organizing the internal EB forums, arbitring work assignements and discussions, coding units stats, as well as researching Iberian history or texturing & modelling units, he later became more and more involved in unit production, having to delegate more and more organizational work and unit stats coding to other members.

He is still a team leader for EB, but does not participate as actively at this time due to real life time constraints.

He is mostly known for his unit work, modelling and texturing units from varied factions but, more specifically, for his Iberians and Lusitanians, as well as several Celtic and Goidilic units.

Member of the Europa Barbarorum mod for Rome: Total War

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