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Chaghatai Khan now known as Babur, currently resides in Agra after his successful conquests in Hindustan and has been campaigning on the Gangetic plains although he still longs for the mountains of Afghanistan.Babur has assumed the title of Padshah-e-Hindustan as well as Padshah Ghazi.His reputation as a Ghazi has led him to established links with with Faris Sariyah's (AKA Spamurai, Spammy, Serious, SS) Jaish al-Jihad bil pwnzring (The army of pwnzring Jihad).Babur was banned for approximately 5 minutes on 27/05/08.Babur briefly changed his name to Temur Beg from 19/08/08 to 20/08/08.Babur also has close ties with the legendary troll and panzer commander Heinz Guderian who is rumoured to be writing a sequel to "Achtung Panzer!" about his armoured thrusts.

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