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Platform Rome: Total War
Mod Type Overhaul
EraRoman Republic
Mod Leader vlad
Release Status 8.1
Forum / Thread Here


Integration Mod which combines unique strategic challenges due to a 4 Season scripted campaign from 280 BC - 180 AD on several big/small maps and with an ruthless AI on the battlefield.


  • The core are the skins/units from the old Vlad mod 1.2
  • Lead your personal roman from young discupulus to roman consul and emporer of the world: thanks to Roman Leadership system
  • Strategic challenges I: 0 term recruitement + AI command star accelerator: the AI is expanding aggressivly with bigger and better armies the longer you wait
  • Strategical challenges II: big maps with long distances and high mountains and not to many settlements (mostly without walls):logistics becomes important, realistic long approaches, hide and spy the enemy, the atmosphere is great.....
  • Strategical challenges III: 4tpy script with reduced wintermovements + armies spawnd
  • Economic challenges: expansive buildings, generals, diplomats,....
  • Battlefield AI is better: thanks to combination of darthvaders formations 14 + sinuhets
  • Included many minimods

The Team

  • vlad: for his excellent mod with all the units/skins
  • IceTorque: for his excellent big big map Barbones
  • Webird: for his excellent adaptions of IceTorques Map: Tirlonub and Europa270BC
  • Darth: most challenging formations for field battles
  • sinuhet: best formations for sieges and bridges
  • Marcus Camillus: his 4tpy script and the player formations, roman leadership system
  • Snake_IV: nice buttons for player formations, nice interfaces and the loading sword bar
  • Riczu74: excellent models for ships and units on the strategic map
  • LT1956: using tricks to improve ai and his forts
  • SigniferOne: nice animations 0.80
  • Kali: rebel banners
  • OrrieBoi: realistic tree mod
  • NorthHammer: warcry mod
  • fatsheep: siege mod
  • Anyan: modified + realistic vegetation
  • Archer: sky mod and burning mod
  • Pinarius: nice horses
  • Tokus@Maximus: new loading screens, graphics
  • Teleklos, Shifty157, EB : palm model
  • Prometheus Res Gestae: grass file
  • Ferres/godzilla: modding Legion Pack
  • Ninjacool: historical battles
  • Dark_MadMax for the sprites
  • ATG : greek generals
  • SoundsLikeKilling: tricks for spy/assasins/diplomats movements into sieged settlements

Included Mods

Units of Vlad Mod

Visual Material

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