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Platform Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms
Mod Type Gameplay Upgrade
EraMedieval Era
Mod Leader brandybarrel
Release Status 1.0
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BattleAxe, a “true” Total War experience, challenges players with a large selection of over a dozen campaigns and 28 factions. Diplomacy has been axed - all factions are “at war”. It’s a “mean” Medieval II streamlined for swift gameplay. Merchants, priests, and ships are omitted by default but may be simply added depending on your gameplay preference. Land bridges connect continents and offer new strategic opportunities without the need of ships. Whether you have a weekend or a week you’ll find a fight in BattleAxe.


12 Campaigns

  • 3 Grand Campaigns (1140, 1240, 1400)
  • 3 Medium sized Campaigns 1250 (British Isles, Baltic, Outremer)
  • 6 Small sized “weekend” Campaigns 1240 (Britannia, Baltic, Balkans, Iberia, Italia, Outremer)

30 Playable Factions

  • Britannia - England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland
  • Scandinavia - Sweden, Norway, and Denmark
  • Iberia - Aragon, Castile, and Portugal
  • Italia - Milan, Venice, and Sicily
  • W. Europe - France, HRE, the Crusading Orders, and Bohemia (new)
  • E. Europe - Poland, Lithuania, Hungary and the Bulgarian Empire (new)
  • Russia - Novgorod, early Russia, and the Mongols
  • Anatolia - Byzantium, the Turks, and Georgia (Caucasus region)
  • Africa - The Moors, Egypt, and the Hafsids (Tunisia)

New Units

  • Almost all units from Kingdoms included
  • All factions receive new units and a full roster (25+)
  • Units available at every barrack, range, and stable level
  • Elite units available at end of recruiting buildings
  • New Guild units for Catholic and Orthodox factions
  • Unit stats faction balanced and costs simplified
  • Faction appearance changes (armor, helm, shield for cultural consistancy)

Campaign Extras

  • Many new settlements and/or regions added
  • All continents connected via land bridges, ensuring invasions
  • New AoR units (military orders) located at select settlements
  • Strat map models include Kings, Iberian and Crusader generals
  • Many other adjustments and enhancements to settlement positioning
  • Scripts include AI Difficulty, AI Bankrupcy, and AI Last Stand bonuses

Campaign Options (Merchants, Priests, Ships)

  • Play with or without merchants, priests, ships or a combination thereof. It's your choice.
  • Options folder includes Unit Guide, Campaign Maps, and Hotseat multiplayer instructions.


  • Hotseat enabled across all factions and campaigns

The Team

  • Mod made by:


The current version can be found here.

Included Mods

Visual Materials

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