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Bellum Crucis

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Bellum Crucis
Platform Medieval II: Total War
Mod Type Overhaul
Mod Leader +Mr.Crow+[1]
Release Status 7.0
Forum / Thread Here


”Bellum Crucis” is an extended modification of the software game Medieval II – Total War that aims at an overall improvement of this videogame in all its aspects, from campaign map to unit models, from artificial intelligence to diplomacy, from gameplay to historical accuracy.


  • Four available Campaigns: “Full”, “Feudal Full”, “Light” or even “Feudal Light”.
  • Featuring many scripts. Examples: Welcome Script, Garrison Script, Rise of Heroes, New-king Script, Prestige Script and New Agents.
  • 8 new factions
  • The number of regions has been maximized (as many as 199, besides the seas), and they have been rationally distributed over the entire extension of the map, in order to optimize the

pathfinding calculations of the AI, while maintaining great historical exactitude in choosing the settlements.

  • Special attention has been given to climatic distribution,

directly influencing many aspects of the campaign such as the appearance of snow during winter seasons and the reduced mobility of the characters.

  • The location on the map of more lucrative, varied and

plentiful resources (most of them are totally new compared to the original game) has been made basing on historical maps and documents.

  • Diplomacy has a central role in the campaign.
  • AI behaviour in battle has been improved and made more


  • “Bellum Crucis” has introduced greater differentiation

among the kinds of fleets (military, commercial, pirate) which will be discussed in more details later in the section dedicated to “Traits”.

The Team

-Mr.Crow (aka UnequivocalMr.Crow)
-Caesar Magnus
-Fabius Maximus Germanicus
-The Housekeeper
-Frederick the Great
Forum Creator
-Brancaleone da norcia
-Fabius Maximus Germanicus Renjard
-The Housekeeper
A.I. & Diplomacy
-Brancaleone da norcia
Battle Modelling
-Mr.Crow (aka UnequivocalMr.Crow)
-Frederick the Great
-Caesar Magnus


Bellum Crucis has been developed since the end of 2006 as a community project within the forum “Medieval Total War Italia”, belonging to the “FreeForumZone” circuit. It obtained excellent previews on the magazines “The Games Machine” and “Giochi per il mio Computer” and has found a great and enduring success, boasting many thousands of downloads in Italy and abroad.

The latest version is 7.0

Visual Materials

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