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Blackfire Pass Demo

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The Battle of Black Fire Pass Demo is a gameplay video for the upcoming title of Total War: Warhammer by Creative Assembly.

The Factions

In this demo, The Empire under the leadership of Emperor Karl Franz and Orcs under Grimgor Ironhide get to battle each other in Black Fire Pass, a geographical location of the Old World.

Gameplay Mechanics

In the demo, no user interface was shown, however, quite a bit of information regarding gameplay mechanics were given.

Aerial Combat: As Warhammer has flying creatures used for war, Total War had to adapt to this new form of combat. In the Demo of Black Fire Pass, the demo presented for the first time how they handled this. Aerial units engaged in dogfights in the sky while fighting each other, but while attacking ground units, they land with a devastating charge and fight on the ground as single model monstrous units.

Winds of Magic and Spell casters: As spells were very powerful, in the demo it was explained that depending on where in the Old World the battle takes place, the availability of magic will change. Not too much information was given on how exactly it works, but it was made clear that they wanted magic to be a supportive tool.

Agents as champions: In Warhammer, characters and heroes play a big role, and Total War: Warhammer adopts this in a brilliant way. Agents that serve different purposes on the campaign map will now be able to join battles as single model units with their own unique abilities.

Manual Artillery control: The player can be seen controlling the Doomdiver catapult manually. Piloting its projectile.

Units and Generals/Agents

In this demo, Generals and Agents are presented as well as a myriad of units, but for the first time in the Total War series, characters as singular units on the battlefield.

Karl Franz: Emperor Karl Franz of the Empire is presented as a single model unit without a bodyguard on the battlefield. He rides his mount griffon, Deathclaw, to battle. Karl Franz is the Emperor as well the Elector count of Reikland. A formidable warrior and a shrewd politician.

Grimgor Ironhide: Grimgor Ironhide of the Orc tribes is presented with a unit of Black Orc Bodyguards, some of the strongest orcs in the old world. One of the largest and toughest orcs known in the old world.

Orc Shaman: An orc shaman, a spell caster of the orc race is brought into battle alongside Grimgor Ironhide. He is seen casting the Foot of Gork spell from the magical lore of the Da Big Waaagh.

Goblin Shaman: A goblin Shaman, another spell caster for the orc race. He rides a wolf and is noted for casting the Curse of Da Bad Moon spell.

Orc Warlords: Two orc warlords were seen in the demo, riding wyverns, also one of them was the participant of the first Aerial combat, along with Karl Franz, that was shown.

The Warrior Priest: The Warrior Priest of Sigmar, introduced as a hero/agent of the Empire, a formidable zealous warrior.

The Witch Hunter: The Witch Hunter, introduced as a hero/agent of the Empire.

The Celestial Wizard: A spell caster of The Empire, casts the spell Commet of Cassadora.

There were also a myriad of units presented in the demo, however, very little information was given about them.

The Empire Units

Demigryph Knights: Demigryph Knights, monstrous cavalry, ridden by the knights of the Empire.

Reiksguard: The Reiksguard, heavy cavalry and the personal bodyguard of the Emperor Karl Franz the Elector Count of Reikland.

Pistoliers: Light Skirmishing cavalry of the Empire, armed with pistols and mounted on light horses. Mostly formed of young nobles of the Empire.

Outriders: Elite Light Skirmishing cavalry of the Empire, armed with repeater guns that can fire several times before reloading. They are often responsible for the Pistoliers under their charge.

Empire Halberdiers: State troops of the Empire, armed with Halberds.

Empire Swordsmen: State troops of the Empire, armed with swords and shields.

Empire Handgunners: Handgunners of the Empire, armed with black-powder firearms.

Empire Greatswords: Elite Empire soldiers wielding large two handed swords.

Hellstorm Rocket Battery: An Empire artillery piece loaded with 9 rockets.

Hellblaster Volley Gun: An Empire artillery piece with 9 barrels that fires in rapid succession.

Steam Tank: A Steam Tank of the Empire, armed with a black powder canon.

Luminark of Hysh: The Luminark of Hysh is a large and complex, arcane Battle Altar created by the Wizards of the Light Order to be used as a potent magical Warmachine.

The Orc Units

Not too much information was given about the orc side, however from what could be seen in the demo, there were many different units on their side as well.

Black Orc Bodyguards: Grimgor Ironhide's bodyguards, large and armored, easily twice the size of a human, heavy infantry.

Goblin Spider Riders: Goblins mounted on large spiders riding into battle.

Goblin Wolf Riders: Goblin wolf riders, mounted on wolves as they ride into battle.

Arachnarok Spider: A massive spider, a single model unit. Notable for having several goblins on it that fire arrows from its back.

Giant: A gigantic single model creature. Armed with a crude massive club.

Orc boys: Regular orc infantry armed with crude weaponry and armor.

Savage Orcs: The less armored and more feral orcs from the wilds.

The Lore of Black Fire Pass

Black Fire Pass is one of the major crossing points of the World's Edge Mountains in which it connects the Empire of Man with the Dwarf capital of Karaz-a-Karak. Its strategic location has caused it to be the site of several battles. It is there that Sigmar, the major deity of the Empire, won his great victory against Greenskins in the First Battle of Black Fire Pass.

The battle we see in the demo is the Third Battle of Black Fire Pass.

Dwarf Rangers that were patrolling the pass come upon a major orc horde rolling towards the Empire. They warn Count Marius Leitdorf of County of Averland who rallies his armies and heads to Black Fire Pass, doing so he requests help from the Emperor Karl Franz, as his troops wouldn't be enough to beat back the orcs.

Karl Franz gathers his army to join the Mad Count Marius in the defense of the Black Fire Pass.

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