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Calisthenis of Green Day

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Calisthenis of Green Day
Cod Spider Avatar.gif

Content Writer

Badges/Roles:Wiki Writer/Critic's Quill Reviewer
Patron of:N/A

About Cod

Calisthenis of Green Day joined on Saturday the 13th February 2010. Back then he was a noob. In fact he was so noobish, he thought the only way to get back to the Index was to go to the front page and click on the Forum tab. He moped around, making noobish tweaks with noobish descriptions and noobish readme's. Until he grew out of the noobishness.

On Wednesday the Eighth of September in the year of our Lord Two Thousand and Ten, Calisthenis of Green Day became a Content Writer; specifically, part of the Wiki Staff, where he's stayed ever since. And in November, sometime around 28th-29th, Calisthenis of Green Day became a reviewer for the Critic's Quill. And then he wrote this page.

Current Ranks

Critic's Quill Reviewer & Wiki Writer


Scribe's Quill (Bronze)

Other Links of Pontential Boredom Interest

I am Calisthenis on The Test Wiki.

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