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Call of Warhammer

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Call of Warhammer
Platform Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms
Mod Type Total Conversion
Mod Leader Yeoman
Release Status Version 1.5.1
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Call of Warhammer: Total War


Call of Warhammer: Champions of the vile Chaos gods have stepped forward uniting into a northern tidal wave sweeping south. Orcs are growing restless in the cramped space of the Badlands. A WAAGGGHH!!! is inevitable and the Greenskin horde will soon unleash another of their destructive invasions. The mysterious Phoenix King has ordered an expedition corps to the Old World to stand by the forces of light in the coming struggles. The Empire and Kislev… will have to hold the line and stand tall against the coming of the Storm of Chaos.


Changes from Hick09

  • 9 new script battles
  • New script for Grimgor invasion
  • New traits for each faction and rebalance of the old ones
  • New retinue-Ancillaries (kanhivapanu+timorfeys+hick09)
  • Flags and unique buildings from Crisord
  • Nurgle General from the Monolith
  • A demon-prince - unique group for Khorne followers with chance of arrival of 1 %
  • Trolls. First will be unique group for orks. In the second will occupy settlement in the country of trolls - the Big cave of trolls. In the third will be spawn randomly in this territory.
  • Greenskin alliance. Orks and goblins can be unite. Chance of this event of 1 %. Also if the goblin leader dies there is an additional chance of this event. The probability of event depends on authority of the leader - with low authority the chances groth.
  • Goblins can take part in orcish Waaagh!
  • Gobiliny can employ spies. Orks can employ them if they unite with night goblins or crash them.
  • New playable fraction - Border Princes. Units are taken from Rusichi. Suitable units are taken only. This state with chance in 1 % can enter in light alliance.
  • Fejnar fix a smoke, and also has made new shells for empire rockets and catapults of skulls.
  • New mages. Shamans for goblins and orks (will be if Sigmar can make tothem)
  • Ice magicians (it is possible, but not the fact if Shredder makes them)
  • H Elves magika (most likely), work of Fejnara and Iselendil
  • Ogrs, bigguns, blackorks, bloodletters and plaguebearers by their attack throw enemies in air
  • The expanded tree at all fractions. Agents on start (thanks Mesh) are added
  • In all settlements buildings are added. I.e. cities became more developed. Most vanila icons and building arts changed (thanks to cedric37, kanhivapanu, Timorfeys)

The Team

Mod Leader: Yeoman

Coding: Yeoman, Isilendil, Hick, Bela

3d Modeling: Yeoman, SHREDDER, Sigmar, Isilendil, Krechet, Mono1it, Saladin

Skinning: Yeoman, SHREDDER, Sigmar, Isilendil, Mono1it, Krechet

Mapping: Yeoman, Muhamed, Nevada, Hick, Russian Gondor

2d Art: Yeoman, Timorfeys, crisord, Isilendil, Diccon, MadGAD, Blackomur89, Azfag, cedric37, Kahvipannu, steroid, Ank

Scripting: Yeoman, Hick, Isilendil, Bela

Video: Feinar, Toboe

Translation into English: Beregond

Research and Ideas: Yeoman, Timorfeys, Magnus, Mono1it, SHREDDER, Sigmar, stomoped, Azfag, Hick, Isilendil, Aleks_tkael, Ank, Feinar, NikT, Revan Shan, Gaspar, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Valiant Champion


Visual Material

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