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Casus Belli

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Casus Belli
Platform Rome: Total War
Mod Type Overhaul
EraRoman Republic and High Roman Empire
Mod Leader Iulianus Apostata
Release Status 1.9.1
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Casus Belli, often abbreviated to CB, is an Italian mod for Rome: Total War.


Originally created and developed by an Italian team named Alaudae Team, Rome Casus Belli was released at the beta version 1.0.0 (subsequently updated to 1.1.0 with a patch; a great project for a 2.0.0 version was unfortunately interrupted). Casus Belli got its own hosted mod forum in early 2007. Modred, who had been the Alaudae Team leader, created a new edition in 2009, called Rome Casus Belli Classic Game, and released a series of versions. Then, in 2010, Iulianus Apostata began another new mod project, called Rome Casus Belli Gold, to continue the Modred's job. On May 2011, Iulianus Apostata released his first full creation, the 1.7.0 version; and then in late 2012, him, with his new Casus Belli Mod Team, released the latest full edition, version 1.8.0; which, in early October 2013, was followed by the 1.8.5 patch. On February 2015, this was succeeded by the 1.9.0 patch, and on June 2016 Iulianus Apostata updated it to the 1.9.1 version.


Casus Belli is a mod exclusively made by Italian peoples, and the mod itself is made in Italian Language. It includes reskins for units of all factions, which are sometimes completely changed, and adds numerous historical scripts and features to the game. The mod covers the Roman Republic and the High Roman Empire periods; the normal imperial campaign, named Rome Casus Belli, begins in 170 BC and ends in 211 AD. There are also two provincial campaigns: Trophaeum 551 AVC - map based on RS II campaign map - with a lot of custom improvements (timeframe: 202 BC - 180 AD), and the Boudicca revolt's campaign (timeframe: 61 - 62 AD).



All Rome: Total War factions (except the rebel faction) are renamed; a few are completely changed. This is the Casus Belli faction list:

Roman Factions

The Roman factions are the Res Publica Populi Romani and the Roman rebels.


Among the barbarian factions are the Britons, the Dacians, the Gauls, the Germans, the Celtiberians, the Sarmatians and the Scythians.

Hellenic Factions

The Hellenic factions are the Achaean League, the Kingdom of Macedonia, the Ptolemaic Kingdom, the Seleucid Empire and the semi-barbarian Thracians.

Eastern Factions

The eastern factions are the Kingdom of Armenia, the Kingdom of Pontus and the Parthian Empire.

African Factions

The african factions are the Republic of Carthage, the Kingdom of Numidia and the Kingdom of Garamantes.


Casus Belli includes a lot of changes, namely:

  • Historically accurate scripts: Casus Belli focuses on historical events.
  • Four Roman military reforms: in order to be more historically accurate, Casus Belli introduces four additional reforms for the roman factions. These military developments give the player access to new units for the Roman army. The Augustan reform (especially administrative) only changes the general's bodyguard and gives access to the early praetorian troops.
  • A new AOR script: units can only be recruited in certain regions or limited areas, like elephants can be found in a small amount of regions in Rome: Total War.
  • 4 turn per year script (an optional feature, only available for the normal imperial campaign - Rome Casus Belli) is no more available for the 1.9.1 version.


  • Casus Belli adds a lot of historically accurate units to the game.
  • The remaining ones are replaced or reskinned. This is done to add more realism.


  • With new units, a new timeline and a little different factions, new historical battles are a logical addition to the mod.
  • Like new units, new buildings have also been included in Casus Belli, either to be able to create new units, that for gameplay purposes.
  • A new Roman government system: with the Augustan reform as a means of development.
  • A new rebel system: as in Barbarian Invasion, the Roman rebel faction will spawn when a Roman settlement will revolt: new loyalty system.
  • Night battles.
  • A lot of numbered Roman legions (Cesarian and Imperial era).
  • New AVC (Ab Urbe Condita) calendar and new Roman factions internal names, to prevent the 66 BC BUG.
  • The current version of Casus Belli, the 1.9.1, is only available in the Italian language.

The Team

Iulianus Apostata (Mod Leader)
Special Thanks
Old Team (Alaudae Team)
Riczu 74
Sirius 21
Antioco III
Alex Artan

Visual Material

External Links

Hosted Mod Forum on TWC

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