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Consilium Belli

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The Consilium Belli was a committee set up by the Curia to manage the Total War side of TWC.


The first Council of War oversaw the development of the The Total War portion of the TWC forums for a period in 2006, and was abolished in January 2007. The Consilium Belli (which literally means Council of War) was re-introduced in August 2007, following this vote, to continue in much the same vein. Over the following years it became inactive before ceasing to exist after this amendment was passed.


The Consilium Belli was established in August, by Article 6, Section 2:
"A number of members shall be elected to the Consilium Belli to facilitate and improve relations between the modding community, the Curia, the Wiki Officer and the Council itself. The duties of the Consilium Belli shall also include, but are not limited to, overseeing all projects designed to promote the TW sections of TWC to the modding community and the general membership. When necessary, reports shall be submitted to the Curia by the Speaker of the House.

A forum shall be set up within the TW Modding Community publicly viewable and accessible by all, but posting and voting rights will be restricted to members of the CB.

All members of the Council, the Wiki Officer, and the Modding Registrar shall have permanent membership of the Consilium. Other members are selected with either of the following processes.

Application threads will be opened in the TW and Modding community forums and the Curia. Applicants are free to state any information or experience they wish; the applications will then be reviewed by the Council, which will select a varying number of members at least 50% larger than they wish elected and submit these for election, the vote thread to be placed in the TW Modding Community forum, with announcements in the Curia and the TW and Modding community forums.

The CB will also have the option to submit any member of TWC to the Council for consideration as a complimentary member of the Council of War. Any member of TWC may submit themselves to the administration should they wish to contribute in a specific area. The Council reserves the right to remove any member of the CB or to disband the CB at any time."


The following were members of the Consilium Belli at the time of its abolition.


Permanent Members:

Appointed and Elected Members:

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