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DarthMod Empire

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DarthMod Empire
Platform Empire: Total War
Mod Type Overhaul
Era18th Century
Release Status 8.0 Platinum
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DarthMod Empire is an Empire: Total War game modification which is being developed by a team led by DARTH VADER. DarthMod Ultimate Commander (DMUC) is a major overhaul mod using DarthMod Empire as a base. Originally developed by Hip63, a new version was made with a launcher by HusserlTW. The latest version is 6.95 for DM and DMUC and it requires Empire: Total War version 1.6.

DarthMod Empire attempts to fix various imbalances, gameplay inconsistencies, bugs, AI problems and historical inaccuracies in the Creative Assembly's latest game. Additionally, the mod tries to enhance the gameplay and to increase the game's replayability. Parts of the game have also become more challenging in order to make it even more exciting and fun to play. A complete list of the improvements which DARTH VADER has in mind and of everything which is already fixed in the latest version of his mod can be found here.

Two Different Darth Mods

There are two different variations of the DarthMod for Empire: Total War One is the standard DarthMod and the other is DarthMod Ultimate Commander. The standard DarthMod is Core Changes by DARTH VADER himself which relate mostly to the BAI (Battle AI) and the CAI (Campaign AI) and it allowed several smaller mods such as: Smoke and Blood. DarthMod Ultimate Commander at it's base is the core of DarthMod but many many more smaller mods added into it. It also allows you to launch via a launcher menu from which you can also tweak game settings.

What DarthMod does to Empire

Increased Range on Muskets: All line infantry have had their ranged increased by about 66%. Their damages at ranges have also be changed dramatically. What this means is that musket duels at extreme ranges are possible, but they result in very long engagements, while very close shots result in massive losses. This vastly changes the tactical landscape, as now the question of just *when* to shoot is up to player skill. In vanilla the best tactic was to march into maximum range then open fire. Now you must consider whether to hold fire, march closer, or duke it out.

Much Larger Regiment Sizes: What DarthMod also features is more men per unit which ranges all the way upto more cannons per unit to the amount of men in a unit. This feature can give you a sense of more epic battles with more musketes firing at the enemy and more bodies help make it look more realistic. Also because you have more men in a unit it changes the way you have to maneuver your units to the terrain, you can aswell increase the line or make it deeper with more men giving you more options on the battlefield.

Cavalry Tweaked: Cavalry in this mod have been tweaked to an extent that they tire more quickly and individually are vastly superior to infantry, but due to overwhelming numbers they are usually quickly slaughtered in a bayonet vs saber fight. Furthermore their impact is reduced, due to a combination of numbers, slower speeds and more tired horses. This means less deaths in the initial clash. All these changes are designed to make cavalry charges risky endeavours that need to be executed with care. Cavalry charges - BEFORE IMPACT - affect morale. A wall of horses charging at infantry - particularly engaged infantry's flanks - will badly affect their morale, and often will lead to a rout before the cavalry even arrive. However charging frontally into a stationary wall of bayonets wielded by eager men is suicide! Wait until they have been affected by morale reducing attacks then charge the flanks for an early rout! Do it to multiple regiments to get a mass rout going!

Once the enemy is routed THEN the cavalry get the kill on. Watch them mop up hundreds of men as they flee.

So basically cavalry serve a different purpose in this mod, no longer can you charge at the front of a wall of bayonets and have a chance to overcome you have to use them more wisely or else you can rest assured your cavalry will be retreating the battle from mass amount of deaths.

Melee Times Tweaked: To quote the creator himself (DARTH VADER): Yes correct hip and also about the melee improvements I want to note that the most noticeable effect is the penetration which can be achieved (In vanilla all is stonewall). The penetration makes the melees less static and more chaotic, resulting to less predictable results.

So in a few words it has been tweaked so that Melee is alot more interesting than vanilla with soldiers getting stuck in hand to hand combat making it more gritty and warlike.

Diplomatic AI Is Smarter: Now with Darthmod when you enter negotiations with another faction you can gurantee that they are reasonable in what they desire and what you demand from them, now factions will declare war on for a reason and if it benefits them.

Campaign AI Is Smarter: With the vastly improved CAI you can expect to see other factions placing armies more strategically and more frequant naval invasions so if you play as Great Britain your Island can be invaded by the French!

Battle AI Is Smarter: Have you never been beaten by the AI before? Then you have never played DarthMod. DarthMod makes the AI alot more challenging and difficult, not by stat increase bonuses but by making the AI smarter and adapting to the battlefield and placing artillery, cavalry and infantry more smartly.

New Musket Sounds: New musket sound effects are added to make the game feel more real.

The Team

Mod Lead


Dev Team






Beta Testers

Voice of Treason



Argent Usher




Mods Included in DarthMod Ultimate Commander (DMUC)

  • DarthMod by Darth Vader
  • Garrison Units by Darth Vader
  • DMUC Ultimate Campaign by Shakyrivers / HusserITW / hip63
  • DMUC Ultimate Late Campaign by HusserITW / hip63
  • Uprising Campaign by HusserITW / hip63 (based on Warpath DLC)
  • All Factions Playable Custom Campaign by HusserITW / hip63
  • Proper Militia Mod by spanky
  • Smoke and Blood Mod by mech donald
  • Sweden Retexture by Ftmch
  • United Provinces Retexture by jarnomiedema
  • United States Retexture by ToonTotalWar
  • Denmark Retexture by erasmus777
  • Austrian Retexture by Remo
  • Prussian Retexture by Remo
  • Ottoman Retexture by Remo
  • British Retexture by LegoFingers / Sir Digby Chicken Caesar / ToonTotalWar
  • Potugal Retexture by Ranger86
  • Polish Retexture by Smatussek1
  • Bavaria Retexture by General Cornwallis
  • German States Retexture by Pom
  • Genoa Retexture by Cornwallis
  • Papal States Retexture by Cornwallis
  • Piedmont Savoy Retexture by Cornwallis
  • Westphalia Retexture by Cornwallis
  • French Retexture by Cornwallis / Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
  • Spanish Retexture by manormars
  • Russian Retexture by Hellfire
  • Venice Units Retextures by Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
  • Knights of Saint John Units Retextures by Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
  • Hungarian Units Retextures by Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
  • Naples/Sicily Units Retextures by Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
  • Württemberg Retextures by Nimrod_1971
  • Additional Spanish Units by Rhevant
  • Additional Prussian Units by gary
  • Additional Austrian Units by Pressuen Gloria
  • Additional Swedish Units by Pressuen Gloria
  • Additional Ancien Regime Units (France and Spain) by isilendil
  • Additional United Provinces Units by jarnomiedema / Okuto
  • Additional Greek Units by Demis14 / HusserITW / Greek Mod Team
  • Additional German Units by Pom
  • Additional Ornamentum Units (Various Factions) by Danova
  • Additional Northern War Units (Sweden and Russia) by Danova
  • Euro Armed Citizenry by Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
  • Unit Animations Mods by tiyafeh
  • UPC Localization by applelover and Swiss Halberdier
  • GUI Font Sizes by Just
  • DMUC Introduction Movie by The Nanny
  • Events Period Art by jarnomiedema
  • Campaign Map City Graphics by jarnomiedema
  • Ancillary Period Art by jarnomiedema
  • Character Period Art by jarnomiedema
  • Historical Mini-Maps by jarnomiedema
  • Period Portraits by Onkel Tuca / Yoram777
  • Improved Spring and Summer Grass for Battles by Primergy
  • Improved Building Textures for Battles by KillZone GB
  • Semi-Transperant HUD for Campaign Map by KillZone GB
  • Family Tree Mod by GeorgiaPeanuts / Umberto202
  • USA Faction Custom Battles by Demokritos / hip63
  • Euro Faction Custom Battles by Demokritos / hip63
  • Eastern Faction Custom Battles by Demokritos / hip63
  • Pipmod by waronmars
  • DMUC Launcher by hip63
  • DMUC Menu Movies by hip63 / CA
  • DMUC Launcher Art by Voice Of Treason
  • DMUC Installer Art by Voice Of Treason
  • DMUC Loading Screen Art by Voice Of Treason
  • DMUC Version of AUM Mod by Swiss Swiss Halberdier/hip63/Darth Vader
  • DMUC Unlocked Factions for Custom Battles by hip63
  • Equipment Tweak Mod by erasmus777
  • Empire Total Flags by JFC
  • Sgt Mellin's Sound Mod by Sgt Mellin
  • Atmospheric Sounds by Pisoiasul
  • Realism Sound Pack Mod by Gerald Duval
  • Fixed Headwear Mod by Ahiga
  • Cross Straps Mod by Ahiga
  • Bearskin Officers by DoomBunny666
  • Music Overhaul Mod by La-De-Da Brigadier Graham
  • Drum and Fife Music by Hollowfaith
  • Gun Ports Mod by jarnomiedema
  • Sealord Lite Mod by Bladerunner
  • Selectable Modified Deployment Zones by Baron von Beer
  • Selectable Technology Tree Research Rates by Isabelxxx
  • Selectable Blue Skies Mod by adiuvat
  • Selectable No Borders Mods by Isabelxxx
  • Selectable Warpath Models for GC by Ftmch
  • Selectable No Forts Mod by Santini
  • Selectable Leather HUD by manonmars
  • Selectable Transparent HUB by KillZoneGB
  • Selectable Grenades Mod by hip63
  • Selectable 2, 3 or 4 Turns Per Year by hip63
  • Selectable Artillery Mods by Tharoth / Topcat / hip63 and includes:
  • 25% Fast Reload
  • 2x Accuracy
  • 4x Accuracy
  • 2x Accuracy + 25% Fast Reload
  • 4x Accuracy + 25% Fast Reload
  • Artillery Units x1.5
  • Artillery Units x2
  • Artillery Units x1.5 + 25% Fast Reload
  • Artillery Units x2 + 25% Fast Reload

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