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DarthMod Napoleon

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DarthMod Napoleon
Platform Napoleon: Total War
Mod Type Total Conversion
EraNapoleonic Era, 19th Century
Release Status Released
Forum / Thread Hosted Forums on TWC

DarthMod Napoleon (DMN) is a standalone modification for Napoleon: Total War, which aims to bring the gameplay experience to a whole new level. Created by modders DARTH VADER & husserlTW, DMN is a modification, that features vast amounts of gameplay tweaks, graphical tweaks, new units, new playable factions & AI fixes.


Following the release of previous DarthMod titles, DMN was released at the end of 2011 & got its own forum at the start of 2012 in January.


DMN is a modification intended to enhance the experience of playing NTW. This is done by focusing on gameplay, graphical & AI problems in the vanilla version of NTW, which are then rooted out, fixed & further enhanced. DMN features all of these & numerous other enhancements in one package to make a simple & clean install.

Some submods included with DMN are:


DMN introduces a lot of new features & a bunch of older features as well, that have been further enhanced. The features in DMN have been categorized below:

Land Battles

  • Realistic movement rates, acceleration and physics effects provide natural looking visuals.
  • Melee fights have been made more cinematic & charging has been tweaked to be more powerful, especially for some cavalry units.
  • Realistic musket fire based on unit's accuracy and weapon characteristics.
  • Cannons have been tweaked to fire more realistic trajectories and longer ranges.
  • Morale effects are more dynamic. Now, morale can affect the enemy AI's decisions on the battlefield.
  • Fatigue has been made more realistic. Not only do units get tired quickly after running, they also recover faster.
  • Various unit statistic changes.
  • In-game battle formations aren't perfectly aligned, to create a more "realistic" look.
  • Unit experience rises more quickly.
  • Grenades have been removed.

Various changes to the AI in land battles

  • Battalion type attacks.
  • Attacks in full unison & flanks lethally.
  • Light Infantry more dangerous.
  • AI artillery as a single battery.
  • Smart AI general.
  • Better coordinated cavalry attacks.
  • Unit formations have been tweaked.
  • AI assaults and firing are timed better.
  • AI siege and river battles have been improved.

Naval Battles

  • Ship statistics are now realistic.
  • Naval morale is more dynamic (Surrender rather than fight to the death).
  • Ships don't blow up as frequently.
  • Cannons' solid shots do more damage to the crew and can deal lots of damage up close.
  • Chains shots have been tweaked to have less range, but be more powerful.

Campaign Gameplay

  • campaign AI has been improved significantly. (When to invade, defend & retreat etc...)
  • AI focuses more on quality armies.
  • AI bonuses per difficulty level have been removed.
  • France is no longer as strong as in vanilla.
  • Ships have more movement points.
  • Traits increase more frequently.
  • Diplomacy & allies are better.
  • Government types are more diverse.
  • Ministers have more bonuses.

New Playable Factions

New Units

  • DMN includes 142 new land units & 14 new naval units.

New Battle Effects

  • Realistic smoke & visuals, blood & better explosions.

Full list of included features here.


These submods were specifically designed to work with DMN:

The Team

  • DARTH VADER (DarthMod Architect, AI and Gameplay Designer)
  • husserlTW (Campaign Master, Launcher Designer and Artwork Maker)


Full credits here.

Visual Material




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