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Dawn of Kingdoms

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Dawn of Kingdoms
Platform M2TW Kingdoms
Mod Type Campaign enhancement and improvement
Mod Leader Lord Condormanius
Release Status Beta
Forum / Thread Hosted TWC Forum
Campaign Map:


The Dawn of Kingdoms is a modification for Medieval II: Total War, playable with the Kingdoms expansion. Its mod developer is Lord Condormanius.


This mod started in the early months of 2007 by Lord Condormanius, as the Middle Ages: Total War mod. Lopus, der Kaiser and Heretic Fang soon joined in and the mod got very soon (less than one month after initiation) its own hosted forum at TWC. The mod was renamed to Dawn of Kingdoms during the early stages of the mod development, June 2007. Fra70 joined the mod team later, while Lopus and der Kaiser dropped off. Eventually, Lord Condormanius was left as the sole mod developper of the mod and released the v.0851 beta version in November 2008. Currently (late 2011), in the mod leader's own words '...modding has taken a back seat to [his] children and work. [He]'ll get back to it eventually'.


General Features

  • Two turns per year (900 turns total)
  • Slower population growth
  • Lower income per turn
  • Must be played on Very Hard for both campaign and battle settings.


  • England
  • France
  • The Holy Roman Empire
  • Spain
  • Venice
  • Milan
  • Scotland
  • The Byzantine Empire
  • Russia
  • Moors
  • Turks
  • Egypt
  • Denmark
  • Poland
  • Hungary
  • Sicily
  • Aragon
  • Armenia
  • Burgundy

Included mods (created by the same modder)

  • Alternate battle model for European Captains
  • Alternate captain model for campaign map
  • Reskin of Irish faction for M2TW: Kingdoms*
  • New Model for Mailed Knights
  • New Sergeant Models
  • Dismounted Mailed Knights

Mod Team

This is currently a personal mod and Lord Condormanius, usually referred to as 'LC', is the only modder working on it.

Visual Material

DawnofKingdomspic1.jpg DawnofKingdomspic2.jpg

External Links

The Dawn of Kingdoms Hosted Forum at Total War Center

Latest Release link

Post here for bugs

Very useful fix for crash at launch

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