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Descr rebel factions.txt

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Descr_Rebel_factions.txt is a text file included in both M2TW and RTW and found in the /data folder.

Purpose and Function

Desc_Rebel_Factions.txt determines the names of the subfactions that own rebel settlements, what units during revolts, what units spawn for brigands and what ships spawn for pirates. It also determines what units brigands and Pirates spawn. The actual names of rebels for the most part are cosmetic. The actual name seen in the game is determined by the text translation in data/text/rebel_faction_descr.txt in RTW and in the strings.bin equivalent in M2TW. You can add a new rebel type to this file under the peasant revolt category, but if you do you must also add a text translation for it in the rebel_faction_descr file, or it will cause a CTD when its region is viewed.

Note that different Rebels also get different icons. In RTW this is determined by the culture of the region, if the rebel starts as a sub-faction in descr_strat then it will get the icon associated with the culture of the faction it is a sub-faction of.

The Only Categories in RTW/BI/M2TW are:

  • Peasant revolt: The standard type of rebels that are there at start and are spawned by peasant revolts, which ones of these are used is determined in descr_regions.txt
  • Brigands: Brigand type rebels
  • Pirates: Pirate type rebels
  • Gladiator Revolt: Rebels that are spawned by a Gladiator Revolt in RTW
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