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Descr sounds stratmap anims.txt

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Rome Total War Modding Index

This file is RTW only delegated file from descr_sounds.txt for manage some sound events related to strategy map's animation. In M2TW, events it managed are part of descr_sounds_generic.txt

File's structure.

 DEFAULT: modifiers

DEFAULT = setting which declare by this would be using for follow sound events unless specified in event or DEFAULT is declared in the same category again.

List of modifers (X indicated value for setting)

3d - sound has distance/direction modification

1d - sound has no distance/direction modification

Streamed - read from disk instead of embedded file in memory at the game startup

looped - overwrite the parameter in play_tracked_sound

ducking - temporary lowering other sounds (not use in vanilla RTW but could be used in RTW)

retrigger X - delay before retriggering the sound, using for music (X is in second)

minDist X - minimum distance which would hear the sound (X must more than 1.0)

maxDist X - maximum distance which sound would still be heard

priority X - (X = between 0 to 9999)

Volume X - modifier to based sound volume set in the preference (X = between -100 to 0 db)

probability X -

minPitch X -

maxPitch X -

dry_level X - (X = 0 to 1 }

wet_level X - (X = 0 to 1 }

delay X - delay in seconds before next 3d sounds start playing

randomdelay X - delay within seconds before next 3d sounds start playing

probradius X -

fadein X -

fadeout X -

pref X - sound preference setting to be use for events below (X = sfx/speech/music/INTERFACE }

pan X - 2D events only, from 0 (hard-left) to 1.0 (hard-right) 0.5 - default

ignore_pause X -

distancepriority X -

effect_level X -

rndvolume X -

This file contain sound events which are not part of sound bank. These sounds are using by skeleton files of agents' movement set (which use to organized set of animation for using by model) to give sound to animation at point of frame. Structure of sound event is as example below.

  event { event name } modifiers
      folder { base path }
      {sample name}     modifiers (any of probability, volume etc)
      {sample name} ...
      folder { base path , in case files have different location}
      {sample name}     modifiers (any of probability, volume etc)
      {sample name} ...

Event names which using in this file are...

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