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Descr terrain.txt

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Descr_terrain.txt will be found in the data/world/maps/base folder of a vanilla installation, it may also be placed in the data/world/maps/campaign/campaign_name folder if the other map files are copied there as well.

This is a very small text file that controls some overall functions for the entire campaign and battle map system.

     width  255
     height  156

The dimensions given in the first section must be the size in pixels of the map_regions.tga

     min_sea_height  -3122.256
     max_land_height  7511.272

Altering the max_land_height figure increases or decreases the scale of the heights on the map, so with the same map_heights.tga you can get a much steeper or flatter effect. Note that changes made to this figure effect the slopes on the battle map as well as on the campaign map.

Changes to the min_sea_height do not have such an immediate visual effect but they do have an effect on some bits of fine detail around the coast line. The sea in map_heights.tga can have a 'depth' set by using different intensities of pure blue hue RGB 0,0,250 or 0,0,253 etc which effects the angle of slope where the coast emerges from the sea - changing the min_sea_height affects that.

Descr_terrain.txt also has values for 'roughness' 'fractal' and 'lattitude' an explanation of the effects of those values is needed.

When increasing or decreasing the max_land_height you automatically have to adjust the min_sea_height. Here's a little formule:

7511.272 - 3122.256 = 4389.016 so land - sea = 4389.016 -> sea = land - 4389.016

You have to make sure that when you increase you land height, you decrease your sea depth by using this formula. This will prevent the screwed-up coastlines you get.

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