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Eastern Roman Empire walkthrough

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This page is to help those who seek to conquer the ancient world using the mighty Eastern Empire.

Phase 1

The Eastern Empire controls some of the best regions in the entire game. The western provinces of Athens and Thessilonika and Sirimum, will be key for launching the conquest of the WRE, your main rival. In the east the cities of Antioch, Sidon and Jerusalem will be the most important cities to hold on to, because they along with Alexandria are the best settlement's in the East, and these will be used in attacking the Sassanids.

Using the cities above, as well as Constantinople, build up your armed forces both land and sea, while building up your economy in asia minor(Turkey), building up strong trade links such as Great Forums or there least there previous sizes, or a Curia in the biggest cities. However you must at all costs keep an eye on the Northern frontier, after around ten turns the Huns will make a dramatic entrance by attacking any one of your Northern cities, followed by the Vandals. However do not panic there armies are mainly mounted archers and this makes your Liminati spearmen excellent against them, our use you vastly superior cavalry to annihilate theirs.

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