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Europe in Conflict

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Europe in Conflict
Platform Napoleon: Total War
Mod Type Overhaul
EraNapoleonic Wars
Mod Leader T.C.
Release Status V2.0
Forum / Thread Here


Europe in Conflict is a comprehensive gameplay overhaul modification of Napoleon: Total War which aims to create a deeper sense of diversity and historical accuracy among all the games factions, while improving the overall playability and immersion of the game.


Land Battles

Campaign Map

Light Infantry have been promoted as a support unit. Previously, a line unit would too often have to support the light infantry. Light infantry now move much more efficiently across the battlefield, and have suitable defence skills. They can now take care of themselves. Militia have been re-looked at. Too often they were used as cheap cannon fodder. They are now emphasised as the correct unit for dealing with unrest. They have few movement points, little ammo and provide a garrison policing bonus. Light cavalry have also been looked at. They are now suitable scouts, with more campaign map movement points than other cavalry. The recruitment order has also been fixed - it is now Heavy Cavalry at low level buildings, and Light Cavalry at high level buildings. Fort wall hitpoints have been reduced. Siege guns are still helpful at sieges, but not a necessity. Normal guns can take the walls down well before you've fallen asleep now Siege infantry (Sappers, Forlorn Hope etc) have had a unit size increase. They were slightly under-sized previously. Musket ranges have been adjusted. They are now longer than in vanilla. They are now 110 for Line infantry, 120 for lights and 150 for rifles. this has been proven in tests to aid the AI, as well as improving the general feel of gameplay. Morale effects have been rebalanced - they were slightly out of tune over the last few releases. Unit frontage reduced, extra reduced for cav. Helps AI manoeuvre. Unit spotting parameters doubled. This allows AI to see enemy from further away, and plan attacks better. Firing arcs changed - artillery will no longer turn and fire at a target behind them at will. Flanking values increased. AI more likely to flank; higher morale penalty when flanked. Unit sizes dropped by approx. 80 men, cavalry by 30. This has a major change on AI behaviour - for the better. Artillery fragmentation added - this is one of the best features of v1.1 Artillery is now a much more capable force on the battlefield. Round shot will no longer land amongst a unit and harm no-one. If contact is made, there will be casualties. You can no longer afford to stand under artillery fire (Just as you couldn't do it in real-life). Cannister shot weakened slightly - it was op-ed in v1.01. Halved dust output to increase compatibility with smoke mods. FORTS + SIEGE BATTLE CHANGES: Cannister tweaked - less likely to hit deployment areas now. Fort guns made stronger - they were taking a bit too long to take down walls. Militia now spawn during sieges, just like the armed citizenry unit. Armed citizenry type units have slightly less morale - they were too strong in v1.0.1

Land Campaign

AI more likely to use full stacks, will split less. GB more likely to help allies + expand; should become more active in the war. AI now spends less on navy, more on army. AI suffers less attrition than player - there's no guarantee that the AI will research "Winter Warfare Preparation"; it suffers small, but noticeable amounts of attrition now. Heavy cavalry are now recruitable at lower-level buildings. AI values alliances more. AI's main attacking force should be larger. AI less likely to launch suicide attacks in campaign. AI should save less money, with new economic changes it doesn't really need to save as much as it did in vanilla. AI has more focus on recapturing settlements, also given longer timeout to recapture; this means the AI recognises he settlement as being formerly under it's control ( therefore of more value to it ) for longer. AI values units outside of region less when considering region defence. AI attacks with higher minimum number of troops than in vanilla. AI invades with larger stacks. AI culls less excess forces, given economic tweaks to support it. Also prepares for war better by building up reserves of troops. AI raids less, focuses more on settlements now. Britain focuses more on trade routes and raiding, as well as blockades. Rebel armies fix begun - less artillery spawn. Rebel armies are going to be completely overhauled in v1.2. AI tendancy to recruit Militia units has been reduced. There should be less AI Militia spam now. Spain now given full AI, rather than a maintenance one. Technology. Specific technologies created for every faction. Technology trading has been removed completely, as there was no way to stop the AI trading faction-specific techs. This is also historically accurate - technology sharing as the game presents it was rarely done. This also helps to promote the role of agents. Technological ideas got around much faster due to spying in the Napoleonic period.

AOR Units

Area of recruitment. Many vanilla and new created units can be only recruited in certain regions so the recruitment system is more realistic.

Economic Changes

AI given major economic boost - at the end of the day, the AI has to be given some form of boost, it just can't manage all in-game factors the same as a human would. Remember - The AI should not be considered an actual opponent, rather an obstacle to your success. It's now a much more aggressive obstacle. (Face it, when did a human ever loose a campaign?) GB's economy strengthened. It still will rely heavily on overseas trade and must keep trade lanes clear to have any hope of keeping the war effort going. Russia given more starting money to improve economy. It starts off with a very weak economy, but balanced trade and construction in the early game will strengthen it immensely. Economic values have been bumped across the board. There is now much more flexibility with money, but still the challenge remains (keep an eye on the tech tree!). Difficulty also plays a larger role in economics. Musket Manufactories have been given a bonus boost - they are now more valuable to the player. Aftermaths of battles: The cavalry has more combat use rather than mainly pursuing the routing enemy forces and units that fight well in an attacking force will survive after a battle, while simultaneously stopping those annoying 10-man stacks raiding all over the place. All victory conditions extended to 1814 - the player now has more time for strategy and planning.

Naval Changes

Speed and turning rates reduced for every ship from vanilla values so it is more realistic. Guns damage reworked so it is now related to the weight of the ball. New range for every gun based on historical values. Hull strength very increased from vanilla values so ships rarely sink. This is for line ships, hull strength for frigates and ships of lower classes keep vanilla values so they are not match against a 74 guns or bigger ship. Chain damage has been increased. Relatively more for smaller ships, but as they carry smaller guns the range is shorter. New ship texture distribution, yellow and black for all faction combat ships. Except Santísima Trinidad that keeps the red. It is a much more historical colour distribution. New damage effect included in new ship texture distribution. Damage is represented by round holes, no big plank destruction any more. We have changed the naval deployments zones for custom and campaign battles so ships can start much nearer, so you do not have to wait much until the combat starts unless you modify the distance before the battle starts. The naval mortar and rocket damage has been reduced. Factions tend to recruit more ship of line when possible rather than other ships. All faction that had 74 guns, 106 guns and 122 guns can now build those models carrying carronades. France can build 106 and 106 with carronades. In EiC small ships have more movement points in campaign compared to big ones so now they have an important roll in campaign, they can be used as scouts, escort of commercial fleets and commerce routes, defend ports, ride enemies ports, attack enemies undefended commercial fleets, routes and ports with a very fair upkeep. Also as with the transport system of TW games until now you can transport a full stack in a sloop, you can take that risk but ensure before there is not a big enemy ship near your destination. Great Britain, France and Spain are given drydocks from the beginning so they can build the ships of the line from the first turn. Limit to the big ships has been given. For 122 you can build now only 2, 122 with carronades 2, 106 you can build 7 and 106 with carronades 3.

Also we have increased the ship building slots in naval buildings. So now you can build 3 ships at a time in first level of naval buildings, 6 ships in second level and 8 ships in third level. This way if you have the money you will be able to recruit more ships simultaneously.

We have changed the stats related to AI campaign behaviour so the AI will tends to create bigger and stronger fleets and we have encourage its repair behaviour.

Included Mods

Primergy's Grass Mod and tiyafeh's Animation Mod have been integrated into the core files. They do not cause a performance drain and, as such, have been integrated.

Minimod added:

Whiff of Sulphur added as an optional minimod.

No Campaign map Borders. This removes all visual borders from campaign minimaps, and from the actual map itself. This makes the game feel much more dynamic and even challenging. I highly recommend this one! Big Thanks to Josst for suggesting some of the changes in this

Smaller Artillery Sizes. This lowers the size of all artillery units in game. It must be placed at the very top of the Mod Manager list for it to work!

Graphics Mod.

MP Optimized pack available - This pack is no different to the core files except that it has a different name in the Mod Manager list. This should make MP games much easier to set up. Submods can still be used, this just makes things a little easier

Music pack updated - certain tracks no longer continuously repeat. Quite a few new tracks added - mostly Bach and Mozart.

Larger deployments zones based on Baron Von Beer Deployment Zones Mod


The first team was gathered in November 2009, with the purpose to create a Napoleonic mod for Empire Total War called Continents in Conflict: 1809 (CiC:1809). It was formed by moders that have had mod experience in some part of the Empire Total War modding so every one was somehow specialized in a different part of the game. The team managed to release a beta version just before NTW was released, as it had already been announced by CA, the creation of this Empire mod was seen as a challenge by it self and a opportunity to keep on learning in case the team finally made the jump to NTW. The members of that team that remain until the beta version release were Topcat, Archealos, Doombunny666 and Bethencourt.

Soon as NTW was released, Topcat wanted to make a mod for this game. Other members of the team were not so sure of the change, so Topcat started the mod with Doombunny666. Bethencourt as he had done in empire, released his naval mod version for NTW but also with the intention it would be integrated in the NTW mod. Archealos did not wanted to participate initially in the Napoleon project but to keep on working on the Empire mod, to what Bethencourt was able to help him with it. Anyway Archealos, since few days after that decision has not been seen in the forums, so the Empire project has been stopped.

About Europe in Conflict (EiC) now it is a hosted mod in TWC, it has had three versions up to now. The history of it is very similar to the Empire mod in what the mod construction is about, several specialized members that gather their work to create a mod and then the mod evolves with small and big changes created by the team with its ideas and much more important with feedback of the users, In the process Harry Lime has become part of the team and Doombunny666 decidet to leave. At the same time some member of the team have created information related to modding that has been published in TWC and TW official forum that has been greatly accepted as modding resources in their fields by the community.

The Team

Developers: T.C., Bethencourt

Betatesters: Ballacraine, Shaggy2010, Ordinarius.

Local forum moderators: T.C., Harry Lime, Bethencourt, Shaggy2010, Disaray.


Battle Lines Clash
British Firing Line
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