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European Wars 2

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European Wars 2
Platform Empire: Total War
Mod Type Overhaul
Era18th Century
Mod Leader King Louise Assurbanipal
Release Status Released
Forum / Thread *Here


'European Wars' - a realism-mod for 'Empire: Total War', taking us to the world of 18th century, considered one of the most important and interesting periods in history, as it brings many economical, social and first of all military changes. The most important military events brought by the age of enlightenment are Spanish and Polish Successions, The Great Northern War, The Scottish Jacobite Rebellion and The Seven Years' War. As you can see, this century brings much excitement and is excellent material for strategical game. 'European Wars' mod focuses on increasing the historicity of 'Empire: Total War', mainly trough adding some new, historically accurate units such as Prussian Leib-Garde Grenadiers, Hussars of Death, Polish Winged Hussars, French Mousqetaires de la Garde and many, many others!


  • More attention is going to be paid to graphics, battles and economy. A large emphasis will be placed on reality and historicity. The mod is directed to both usual players and the enthusiasts of the 18th century. Any feedback is welcomed.
  • Every single unit in the game is going to be reskinned.
  • Units will be separated into early and late which will make them differ with statistics.

With the 18th century moving on, the uniforms of all European armies were changing. The 'early' infrantry units' look will be based on historical sources from years 1700-1730, while the 'late' units will have their look based on sources concerning years 1757-1789.

  • Every faction will considerably differ from the others, as every nation will have different uniforms, visible unique aesthetical details and own, unique units.

We'll add a lot of historical units and delete those inaccurate. Some examples below:

-Divison of the cavalry to regiments of horse, dragoon and light dragoon will disappear in most factions (only USA and UK are going to keep it) -In EW, most factions' line cavalry will be reduced to dragoons (in hats called tricornes) only. Only French dragoons will wear helmets (golden colour). UK dragoons will also have hats like all other European dragoons and only UK and USA light dragoons will keep the helmets. -New types of guards will be available with musketeers & grenadiers of the guard among them as well as new cavalry units - horse grenadiers.

  • Some units will completley change their character, f.e. streletsy will be equipped with muskets and now become ranged units.
  • Each faction will have it's infrantry and cavalary divided into historically accurate regiments. In today's beta version for example, we've created 3 regiments of early French infantry. All major factions will get such division. Eeach Regiment in the 18th century differed with an uniform cut, colour and other details.
  • Improve Units Cards. Our Units Cards will be clear and legible. Current Units Cards made by the CA are quite problematic for players, since the factions confuse with each other. It lies in the fact that all units have the same uniform details colour on their Unit Card. They differ only in the main colour of uniform. Many factions which have the same primary colour do not vary, since only the main colour is filled automatically. Examples:

Despite that on the battlefiled Polish troops wear red uniforms with some white details and the British got the same colour of uniform but blue detail, both Polish and British units on the Unit Cards still remain red with yellow details (so it's impossible to distinguish them). Similliar problem applies to Austria and France, not to mention all the minor factions. Some factions in vanilla ETW have completely different UI, for example Siberian hunters have rangers' card. In 'European Wars 2' mod all units will be coloured separately!

  • The issue of same descriptions for different units (f.e. Scots in France have the same description as the British Coldstream Guards - there's only silly adnotation for all Guard units that they are named variously in each country f.e. ).

In our mod we will take care of each unit by giving him his own unique and accurate name, short description and regiments.

  • The look of the unit will be changed in all aspects, not only uniforms. Soldiers created by CA have mainly black hair and similliar faces. In EW2, nations like Sweden, Denmark or Norway will have mainly blond hair, and factions like Spain or Italian States will have mainly dark hair.

Many different types of haircut will be added: late period units will have white hairpieces and growls, while the early ones won't. British units will have smoothly shaven facial hair, while other European factions will have soldiers with a moustache. All hussars and cuirassiers will have moustache in accordance to 18th century regulations. All to make player feel the climate of this period and to make the game as realistic as possible.

  • Glance at the famous generals of history such as Peter the Great, Charles XII, and Tadeusz Kosciuszko.

The Team

Included Mods



First version of the mod featured just about 10 KLA's reskinns + few my gameplay changes (mainly for eastern Europe) and Darth Vader's AI, but since the beginning we knew, that this is going to be global modification for all factions, changeing nearly everething to make the mod more historical accuare and more interesting, so the next version was much bigger. It included division to early and late units for major factions, previous and new gameplay changes, updated AI and many KLA's reskinns/new units. Unfortunetly I didn't have enough time to create the pack, becouse I was going to the holidays and the campaign map didn't work and player could play only custom battles. I fixed everething when I returned, about one month later and KLA made 2 new reskinns. This was our beginning. The fourth version was much more professional. I included all previous changes + updated AI, new gameplay changes, fixed bugs and next new units taken from other modders (all is in credits). This was the first version, that made me really proud, but of course this wasn't enough. We were going to include our first big change in o.5 version (realesed on Christmas), what was full reskinn and completly changed unit roster and gameplay settings for Prussia. Unfortunetly this was the first time, when me and KLA wrangled about the future of the mod. He made only 7 new reskinns and the rest (about 30 units) ordered to take from other modders. I was really angry about this, becouse I worked very hard since the beginning, while he didn't do anything. 0.5 was realesed on Christmas, but whithout most of the units, I was going to add, becouse I got illed and couldn't work on the mod I fixed this in next version, added next changes and realesed the game in February. Unfortunetly me and KLA started to wrangle agian, much more often that earlier about the same reason, so I levt the mod in march realesing last 0.61 version with new units (some were made by PrisonNeo, our new skinner, 3 by KLA and the rest by other modders) and gameplay changes. I returned to the mod about one month later ans started to make new, 0.7 version, but I stopped after several days...Since that day no changes have been done.

visual material

European Wars 2 Videos

European Wars Trailer

E:TW-Polish Hussars Invicta 2!


(An interesting fight between the Austrian (Hungarian) grenadier and Gardes Francaises with some quite unexpected ending...)

Fight2 Fight3


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