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King Louise Assurbanipal

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King Louise Assurbanipal

Artifex of TWC

Badges/Staff Roles:Artifex
Patron of:none

Famous skinner for RTW & M2TW, has made many skins and models and released them for free public use. Under the patronage of Hader.



Ancient Wars

Reign of Ares

Wars of the Diadochi

SPQR Total War

Punic Total War

77 BC - Twilight of the Republic


Polemarchia Total War


HOPLITES 2.0 (30 various units) -July 21, 2007

IMPERIAL ROMANS 2.0 (22 units) -June 15, 2007

HANNIBAL'S ARMY (Carthaginians & Iberians) -May 25, 2007

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