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Platform Rome: Total War
Mod Type Unit Pack
Era600-300 BC
Mod Leader King Louise Assurbanipal
Release Status v2.0
Forum / Thread Here


King Louise Assurbanipal


This is a skinpack containing 30 units to be used in Rome: Total War. These are various hoplites from 6th to 3rd century BC. Besides the Greeks there are also Macedonian, Seleucid and Etruscan hoplites. In this skinpack there are also the Spartans modelled according to the new and quite popular movie „300”. There are many various types of helmets (including Corinthian , Thracian, Attic, Phrygian, Chalcidian and the „pylos” type), armor, shields, clothes and ornaments. The „Hoplites 2.0” skinpack contains all together the models, textures and Unit Cards.


1.Arcadian Hoplite

2.Argive Hoplite

3.Athenian Hoplite

4.Athenian Late Hoplite

5.Athenian Peleponesian War Hoplite

6.Bactrian Hoplite

7.Boeotian Hoplite

8.Classical Hoplite

9.Corinthian Hoplite

10.Eleian Hoplite

11.Etruscan Hoplite

12.Euboean Hoplite

13.Greek Strategos

14.Hoplite Ekdromoi

15.Italian Elite Hoplite

16.King Leonidas '300' Miller

17.Locrian Elite Hoplite

18.Macedonian Hypaspist

19.Thespian Hoplite

20.Rhodian Hoplite

21.Seleucid Silver Shield Hypaspist

22.Spartan Heavy Hoplite

23.Spartan Hoplite '300' Miller

24.Spartan Late Hoplite

25.Spartan Officer Hoplite

26.Syracusian Hoplite

27.Tarentine Hoplite

28.Tarentine Leukaspides

29.Tarentine Hoplite

30.Theban Hoplite

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