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The Imperial House of Hader

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Imperial House of Hader
Founded by: Hader
Member Count: 107


The Imperial House of Hader is a house of Citizens founded by Hader. It is a branch of the house of Siblesz, with direct ties being broken around the time of the OgresNet crisis and Hader splitting off to form his own house. The house currently is reaching its 8th generation of clients, with Hader being head of the house and having fourteen clients of his own.


o Shazbot
o dvk901
o King Louise Assurbanipal
o Re Berangario I
o HemilcoBarca
o Angel
o King Kong
o Prince_of_Macedon
o Pontifex Maximus (former Citizen)
o Primergy
o Nyxos
o SonofPeverel
o StealthFox
o General Brewster

Coat of Arms

Crafted by Inarus early 2014, after House deliberations.

| heraldic_achievement_of_the_house_of_hader_by_inarus13-d76alqo.png

| e6axvuS.jpg

  • Helm and crest: Represent the dignity of Hader.
  • Heraldic devices: Quills represent the labour for TWC Content, the gears represent the labour with modding, the three coffee Cups represent the *Imperial Coffee Runners (and the House's overall fancy for the black gold).
  • Supports: The glorious members of the House. Represented by references to Stealthfox and King Kong, two prominent citizens.
  • Motto: Conivncti Fortes ("Together Strong")

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