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Category:Houses of the Total War Center

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The "House" system of the Total War Center formed some time in late 2005, based on the system of Citizens being patronized by Patricians and thus creating a kind of 'family tree'. Citizens of TWC usually place within their signature the name of the member who patronized them.

The House system declined in late 2006 as the traditional powers of Patricians and Citizens were altered, and many houses simply grew too large to effectively keep track of.

However, since late 2013 a movement for reformation of the House system within the Curia has led to increased efforts to account for the primary houses and keep track of them.

List of known Houses by size

  • 248 House of Wilpuri
  • 105 House of Caesars
  • 87 House of Siblesz
  • 83 Legion of Rahl
  • 74 Imperial House of Hader
  • 60 House of GodEmperor Nicholas
  • 32 House of the Black Prince
  • 32 House of Wild Bill Kelso
  • 29 House of Annaeus
  • 27 House of Rububula
  • 24 (Knights of Walpurgis)
  • 20 (Line of Thor)
  • 19 House of Ward
  • 18 House de Bodemloze
  • 17 House of Basileus
  • 13 House of Baltar
  • 7 House of Marenostrum
  • 5 House of Quintus Valarius
  • 5 House of Saints

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