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Modding Staff

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Modding Staff Medium Logo.png

The Modding Staff is an old topic discussed in the Curia with proposals made one way or another to address the idea that TWC modding needs support and that a branch of staff can exist to help, in addition to the Modding Hex. In 2018 this idea became reality under Gigantus as the Modding Hex with a handful of new green-labeled staffers, who had administrative responsibilities for modding areas across the forum including TWC Downloads, the Tutorial Indexes, the Modding Registry and other aspects. It was promoted strongly at the beginning, the above being one of the promotional graphics.

Over time the overseer changed following Gigantus's retirement and the staff persisted. Alas, the staff were shut down in March 2020 and the duties were redistributed to Content Staff, Moderation Staff and partially returned to the Modding Hex. The exact breakdown of areas is visible on the Staff page. The reason of disbandment varies depending on source; key cited reasons from former participants include a simple lack of willing staffers, issues in finding direction to distinguish the branch and internal competition.

Previous Modding Staff

The branch included the following members who earned (at least) Bronze awards for their service.

Modding Emeritus

Modding Emeritus was a position created to retain senior participants as advisors to the Modding Hex. The role persisted for some time after the Modding Staff itself was defunct, but was removed during a site cleanup effort a few years later. Its members were Lolisuck and Gigantus.

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