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Badges/Roles:Citizen, Patrician, Moderator Emeritus, Administrator Emeritus, Modding Emeritus
Forum Profile:Here

lolIsuck has been a member of TWC since December of 2010 and has been a staple of the community ever since then.

lolIsuck's History

lolIsuck got his start in the Thema Devia and the Colosieum, where his many qualitative posts earned him the begrudging respect of his peers and earned him the 2011 Fastest Rising Newb Award. Around this same time he began helping out in the Medieval 2 forum hoping to guide wayward stragglers to the light of TWC. lolIsuck was an infamous rep trader, leading to him gaining one of the largest collections of rare and antique rep on the entire forum.

He joined Content Staff in 2011 and wrote for the Eagles Standard for several months, before leaving to work on updating the modding tutorial indices. lolIsuck has been involved with the TWC Member Awards for 7 years, ever since the 2013 edition, where he is responsible for counting the votes. He was patronized by Pasan in April of 2014 and became a member of Moderation by September of the same year.

He served in Moderation for 5 years until he resigned June of 2019. He served as Moderator Hex from February 2018 until last year, where he also took over the roll of Modding Hex during Gigantus' retirement.

lolisuck has won the best avatar award three times in a row and considers this to be the most significant accomplishment of his life.

Games Owned

Medieval: Total War, Medieval Total War Viking Invasion, Rome: Total War, Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion, Rome: Total War Alexander, Medieval 2: Total War, Medieval 2: Total War Kingdoms, Empire: Total War, Napoleon: Total War, Total War: Shogun 2, Total War: Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai, Total War: Rome 2, Total War: Attila, Total War: Warhammer, Total War: Warhammer II, Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia

Current/Former Badges and Badged Roles

Artifex radadir.png Artifex is a Citizen who chooses to be recognized as having their strongest ties to the Total War community.
3K Administrator.png The Administrators of the Total War Center site and forums are collectively known as the Hexagon Council or 'Hex'
3K Moderator.png Moderators form the body which performs the vast majority of day-to-day front-line moderation. The Moderators also have a large input into general forum policy and initiatives, although the final decisions will usually rest with the Senior Staff of the Hexagon Council.
3K Modding Staff.png TWC's Modding Staff aim to make TWC a great place for both modders and mod-users!


Mod Mace Amethyst large.png Moderator's Mace Well...you just had to do it. You broke every single mace we have given you, so we have decided that you needed an unbreakable one. For three years of service in the capacity of a moderator, please accept this gift of a shiny purple mace. May it serve you well. Received September 27th, 2017.
TTGC medal bronze.png TTGC Bronze Medal Awarded for earning fifteen points in the TGC Competition. Received July 16th, 2019.
2011large.site.award.png 2011 Site Awards For winning the "Fastest Rising Newb" category in the 2011 Site Awards. Congratulations! Received February 07, 2012
SiteAward LG 15.png 2015 Site Awards Awarded for winning Best Avatar in the 2015 Site Awards. Congratulations! Received May 30th, 2016.
Site 2016 large.png 2016 Site Awards For winning the Best Avatar in the 2016 Site Awards! Received February 27th, 2017.
Site 2017 large.png 2017 Site Awards Awarded for winning Best Avatar in the 2017 Site Awards. Received February 9th, 2018.

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