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Patrician is an honorary title and user group reserved for those who hold one of the Opifex, Phalera, Asterix's Loincloth, or Novus, Large Awards, and also for former Administrators who served for at least six months.

Members in the Patrician user group who choose "Patrician" as their main display group are identified with a purple username.

Current Citizens who choose "Patrician" as their main display group are identified by the following badge on the forums:

Troy Patrician.png

History of Badge

The Patrician rank was repealed in July 2007 by this amendment. The badge was reinstated in April 2018 by this amendment

Originally the rank of Patrician was associated with no additional rights or privileges on the forums, it was simply an additional rank granted automatically to Citizens who had remained in good standing for over three months. The only real difference between a Patrician and a regular Civitate was, a Patrician had the ability to offer Patronization to regular members.

However, during the Curial reforms of 2006, the rank of Patrician was converted into an honoured rank attainable only to those having produced the most excellent contributions to the forums. At the end of 2006 it was only the Patricians who could vote in the Curia, propose legislation, and stand for election to the Consilium de Civitate. Changes in 2007 gave Citizens the right to vote and propose legislation again. Election to the Consilium de Civitate was still restricted to Patricians until the repeal of the rank and support by at least two patricians was required before moving a bill to vote until repeal. Leonidas The Lion commonly attributes himself as "The Last Patrician" due to having been the last citizen to have the rank conferred, before its repeal.

The numbers of members with the Patrician rank was relatively low in comparison to the number of Citizens.

List of Holders of the Rank at Repeal in July 2007

Those Appointed Patrician during the Reforms

Those Elected by Special CdeC during the Reforms

All Staff at the time of the reforms were made automatically patrician. Some chose to have that ratified and are listed below. Others did not.

Patrician via Staff Position

The Following were Elected by the CdeC

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