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Beginnings at TWC

Lusted is a well respected member of TWC. He joined TWC in Jan 2005, but only posted rarely in the modding sections until the release of Barbarian Invasion for RTW. Then with the release of his Late Romans mod for BI, he began to frequent TWC more and more often. The release of his Late Romans also coincided with one of the few black spots on his records. Eager to include a Dragonarri in the v1 of the mod he included one done by Razor for the Fall of Rome mod he was also part of. Lusted did so without permission, and Razor soon found out and complained. Lusted, soon realized his error and feeling guilty voluntarily removed the download link for v1 of his mod, and he was removed from the Fall of Rome team. He and Razor have since patched up their relationship and there is no longer bad blood between them. This incident is also responsible for some of Lusted's protective nature regarding modders rights.

Modding Career

Lusted has a long modding career. He first started modding Rome: Total War in December 04, beginning with simple text editing before moving onto skinning. He improved his skills before joining the Fall of Rome mod for RTW in March. He later joined the Imperium TW team, and the Fourth Age Total War team, the mod that got him interested in modding in the first place. He was later removed from the Fall of Rome team(as explained above), and resigned from the other mod teams over time as more of his time was devoted to his mod Terrae Expugnandae. It was the release of his Late Romans for BI that first bought him to the attention to most members. It was not longer after that he began work on TE, then called Lusteds mod, based on his own modifications to the game and various other mods he had incorporated into it. The first version of TE was released in January 06, and was soon given its name after a suggestion by Razor after Lusted asked for suggestions for names. Terrae Expugnandae means lands to conquer.

TE went on through 5 versions to become one of the most popular RTW mods. Lusted also worked on a mod for Rome: Total War - Alexander called Alexandros. Whilst not as big as TE, it would have been his most ambitious project as a large majority of the work would have been done by him, including most of the unit models and skins. Unfortunately a major computer error resulted in the loss of all his work for Alexandros, and for TE Gold.

Lusted was elected to the rank of Opifex in July of 2006 for his "Oustanding contribtions to the TW mod community".

Lusted returned from a brief break from modding to begin work on his Lands to Conquer mod for Medieval II Total War. v2.0 of which had over 20,000 downloads.


Lusted was first approached with an offer of Patronisation by Fabolous in December of 05 after the release of his Late Romans.

TWC Staff

Lusted was a member of TWC Staff from 16 Jan 06 - 26 Jan 07. He was appointed to the now non-existent rank of Cohores Praetoria on January 16th 2006. He was then elected to the rank of Quaestor on March 19th 2006. He took part in the staff April Fools joke not long after that. He was then appointed to Strategos on August 9th 2006, becoming the first 5th Global Moderator. After the Staff Rebellion he gained admin powers and was in charge of adding in new mod forums and removing old ones up until his resignation. He was also the Creative Assembly Liaison after the Staff Rebellion.

He resigned on 16th January 2007 due to not having enough time to devote to the rank, but after the events on 16th January(Trimuph), he joined in the efforts to resist the changes made by ON, and proceeded to get as much support of the mod community as he could. If ON had not sold TWC, Lusted had got at least 17 major mods to agree to move to the new site. He also communicated with The Creative Assembly during events.

He returned to staff as a moderator in February 2007. He then continued in TWC staff until he resigned on the 17th of June, the day before he started wrok at CA.

He was awarded the rank of Divus on the 19th June 2007 for oustanding work during his time as an admin, in particular for his work in buildign closer ties with CA, and his work during events that led up to the sale of the site.

Creative Assembly

Lusted had for a long time lots of connections to various devs at CA Oz, as well as being CA liasion.

Since the 18th of June Lusted has been working at CA UK as a Games Tester.


Lusted has come in for various criticisms during his time on TWC. The first is talked about in the first section of the article. The 2nd was for his support of Belisarius during Grimsta's Article. He later came in for criticism for banning the popular member Ferrets54. Ferrets had claimed it was a politically motivated banning. Lusted has always claimed it was due to Ferrets excessive number of user notes and infractions, and the large number of chances he has and has messed up.

Quotes about Lusted

"As many of you are aware, we have just lost one of our more well known moderators. A former admin, Lusted has proved to be one of the most remarkable members here and can make justifiable claim to have heavily influenced the direction of the site, especially during the times of troubles back in January.

I have known Lusted for about 18 months (we both joined staff at about the same time (I think he might have been ensnared first) and I always thought highly of him (mainly because he came from the arcane world of the Modding Community) and have never been let down by him.

However, our immediate loss, is Total War's gain as he has, through his outstanding work, been offered a position within CA. That success is a testament to his professionalism and the hard working ethos that he has kept up throughout the time I have had the honour of knowing him.

Sirs and Madams, I ask you all to raise a glass to Lusted!"

-Imb39, site owner, announcing Lusted's resignation from staff on June 17th 2007.

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