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Lands to Conquer

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Lands to Conquer
Platform Medieval II: Total War
Mod Type Campaign Pack and AI Ungrade
Mod Leader Lusted
Release Status Lands to Conquer Gold
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Lands to Conquer is a modification for Medieval II: Total War that focuses mainly on improving and balancing gameplay.

The modification utilises features from Kingdoms: boiling oil, controllable reinforcements and unit balances are all included in Lands to Conquer. The modification also takes advantage of several new possibilities that are able to be modified in the expansion. It also features improved campaign and battle AI.

Lands to Conquer replaces the tutorial and Grand Campaign and instead provides the player with a choice of six campaigns. There are the Early, High and Late Era campaigns that are based on the Grand Campaign map from the Medieval II: Total War and start in 1080, 1210 and 1320 respectively. There are also three regional campaigns based on the Hundred Years War, Italian City States and Reconquista, each with their own unique maps focusing on different parts of Europe.

While it uses the Kingdoms .exe, it does not modify the Kingdoms campaign.


The Campaigns

In terms of campaigns, the modification features Early, High and Late Era campaigns that are based on the original Grand Campaign map. They each have separate starting dates, starting in 1080, 1210 and 1321 respectively. The starting conditions differ in each campaign according to the historical state of Europe at each point, with different starting territories, alliances and initial military entanglements for each Era. Settlement names also vary from Era to Era.

The modification also features three regional campaigns:

  • Hundred Years War (1337 - 1450) campaign which focuses on England, France and Scotland. The player must, in order to win, hold 20 provinces and is allowed 75 turns to do so. This campaign is designed to be fast-paced and challenging.
  • Reconquista (1146 - 1280) campaign focusing on Spain and the warfare involved between Europeans and the Moors. This campaign is designed with a greater emphasis on religion and longer time-frame in mind. It features the factions of Spain, Portugal and the Moors.
  • Italian City States (1280 - 1450) campaign focuses on Italy featuring the factions of Venice, Milane, the Holy Roman Empire, Sicily, Hungary and the Papal States. It is designed to be the longest campaign, with the Holy Roman Empire being the clear superpower at the beginning of the campaign.


The artificial intelligence in Lands to Conquer has been greatly improved on both the battle map and campaign map. Units have been rebalanced in order to make battles more challenging. Terrain and weather also plays a greater role in strategy.

The campaign AI has been improved and balanced as well. Alliances are now stronger, more functional and more mutually beneficial and the AI factions have a better sense of survivability in terms of diplomacy and surrender. The faction standings mechanic has been changed so that the player is not reduced to always being seen as 'untrustworthy' by other factions. Alliances between Catholic and Islamic factions are now rarer, with religion having a greater impact on unrest.

In terms of strategy, the AI in Lands to Conquer has a better grasp of defending its territory using garrisons and forts. It also handles invasions better than the vanilla AI. AI factions will also be more aggressive against the independent factions, leading to quicker expansion on the part of the AI factions.

Campaign Map

The campaign map operates on a 1.5 years per turn basis, with all recruitment times, building times and other factors adjusted accordingly. The effects of religion and corruption have been greatly increased, such that they become more important factors in campaign strategy.

The difference between cities and castles has been emphasised, with recruitment slots, upkeep and building costs being balanced to achieve this.

The campaign map also features more historically accurate province names.

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