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Belisarius (formerly Lucius Vorenus and known by many other monikers) is a former administrator, super moderator, Pro-Curator, Republican Consul candidate and political figure of TWC who originally joined in September 2004 and retired from the site in September 2006, while serving as a member of the last Triumvirate. In that time period, he served twice as a supermoderator, several times as Pro-Curator, and was a prominent member of the Curia heavily engaged in the politics of the site, mostly pro-Curia, from February 2005 until his resignation and retirement.

Political Career

Belisarius's political career began when he was instrumental in the protest against Crandar in early 2005. He collected letters and complaints from many members and presented them to the Curia in what would become the famous topic, "My case and petition against Crandar". His efforts eventually contributed to the demotion and exile of Crandar. From that point on he was a major political figure of the Curia, promoting many pro-Curia bills and forming his own house (The House of Maximus, and later the House of Caesars, in collaboration with then-Republican Consul Justinian). Even after his self-exile from TWC, his political legacy lives on in his clients and in his work, The History of a Society.


Belisarius was originally made a moderator under the dictatorship of Sulla and Spartan and rose to the position of super moderator, modding the Total War Community. Though he later resigned, he returned to the position in April 2006 and held it until his appointment to consul.


Belisarius' first bid for administration began in the 2005 Republican Consul Elections, where he emerged with a heavy plurality; however, the elections were cancelled by HorseArcher. Belisarius did not participate in the reincarnation of the election, which was won by Justinian. His administration, though woefully short lived, would come in October 2006 when he was appointed consul during the 2006 Staff Rebellion and held the position until his self-exile later in the month.

Belisarius would return to TWC in 2007 where he resumed his work in Content. He carried out numerous reforms and expanded the staff structure. He served as Director until his reappointment to Hexagon. Belisarius worked in Content resigning a few years later.

He was awarded the title of Divus for his work in Content.

Current Ranks Held

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