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Triumvirate (TWC)

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Early Administrators

Total War Center has a long history with Triumvirates. It began when the original site administrator found he could not spare more time and anointed two administrators to help out in daily operation. The owner was Paul, and the administrators were Siblesz and the Black Prince. This was known as the Original Triumvirate, when three administrators would effectively share power and divide fields between them for management.

Over time the site owner's activity declined further. He took a 'divine' position in the background and a new third member was added, the enigmatic Boris Pavlov Grozny. These three would balance each other out in a system known as the Second Triumvirate. Relations would eventually break down between these administrators, and Boris would resign. His replacement was Trobalov to form a Third Triumvirate, at which point some may call the naming silly. Nonetheless, this article shall cover each at least claimed instance. After this was the untimely event of the site going down for maintenance on the host without good notice from the owner that resulted in panic and a more permanent breakdown between the two consistent members of the Triumvirates so far.

Eventually a Fourth Triumvirate would come with Siblesz, GodEmperor Nicholas and Boris Pavlov Grozny. In the later times of this Triumvirate, the system would begin to fade. Its numbers eroded and were not replaced, there came the rise of Crandar and there followed a series dramatic events that can be reviewed further in the Total War Center History overview. The 'Triumvirate' system and terminology was never re-established, instead giving way to single site rulers and the collective Hexagon Council for the wider number of site subsections and staffs.

Citizen's Triumvirate

The Citizen's Triumvirate was the flashy name of a new Curial convention when the Consilium de Civitate was abolished in 2014. This Triumvirate lasted to 2019 and consisted of three Curial Officers who had very similar names as today; the Curator and two Censors. These staffers, all elected would manage the Curia's daily affairs and importantly take over the abolished CDEC's handling of discipline for Citizens. The terminology could be seen in many places, but was fatally struck with Curial Overhaul 66 when the moderation aspect of the Curator and Censors was removed and placed in the Praefectus office. While this too would be abolished, the naming and role of Citizen's Triumvirate was not re-established and the term Triumvirate fell out of use.

The Last Triumvirate?

Note: this section is speculative, opinion based or written from a selective point of view.

It can be argued that Total War Center is currently being administered day to day by a triumvirate: Alwyn overseeing Content, Abdülmecid I overseeing Moderation, and Dismounted Feudal Knight to fill in gaps. However this is not a formal or official arrangement.

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