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Original Triumvirate

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See Citizen's Triumvirate for details of current disciplinary body.

History of the Triumvirate on TWC

Originally the Triumvirate on the Total War Center was the collective name given to the three administrators who oversaw the operation of the forums on a day to day basis. The word "Triumvirate" is derived from Roman history:

"In ancient Rome, The First Triumvirate (60 BC) of Pompey, Julius Caesar, and Crassus was an informal group of three strong leaders with no sanctioned powers. The Second Triumvirate (43 BC), consisting of Mark Antony, Lepidus, and Octavian (later Augustus) — formally tresviri rei publicae constituendae ("triumvirate for organizing the state") — held absolute dictatorial power."

The Triumvirate system of three administrators on TWC has subsequently been replaced with more flexible institutions which allow for as many active administrators as are required at any given time.

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