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User:Dismounted Feudal Knight

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Dismounted Feudal Knight

Magistrate of TWC

Badges/Roles:Magistrate, Civitate
Patron:King Athelstan
House:The Imperial House of Hader
Patronized on:03/15/2020
Patron of:Maltacus
Forum Profile:Here

Hello there. I am Dismounted Feudal Knight, currently a Magistrate on TWC. Among other things I have been a moderator, a wiki editor (staff and freelance), a curialist, and sometimes a TWC activist. I've changed brand a few times since joining in 2017. Distinctively, I impersonated an infamous Roman emperor in my early TWC years.

I tend to participate in bursts; you'll see me a lot for one week and not so much another. Invariably I do show up.

You can also find me as raidarr#6550 on Discord if that's your venue.

An abridged history


I've been aware of the site existing since 2013-2014 or so. I registered in 2015, but did nothing and forgot the account. In 2017 I registered again, sucked in by Jadli from an obscure multiplayer/hotseating community on Steam. I wasn't very good at hotseating, but I did manage to get this started.

I expanded from hotseating into Tale of the Week, reading site history and participating in the Curial Commentary Thread. I did not participate for long in the Writer's Study and ultimately I didn't take too long with hotseating, but my interest in the Curia and the overall site survived. I also took an interest in editing the wiki. Eventually I gained citizenship by King Athelstan's patronage in 2020. Between 2018 and 2021 I was in and out of Content and roles in the Curia. Each of these roles were fairly short lived. In 2021 I wavered from a roman theme and tried a different branding. It didn't work well and I went back to the roman theme. I did quite a bit of strange stuff in this period and during 2021, which corresponded with rough moments in my personal life.


In 2022 I took a different approach, and settled on a long-term rebrand to what you see now. In February I joined the Moderation Staff (with a focus on TW sections) and Content Staff (Wiki Team, for a third time). This arrangement lasted until December, when new life events turned up and I expected to be gone for a long time. I resigned my roles expecting that, and as it turned out I was able to return by February 2023.

In '23 I took on the role of Magistrate. It's gone better than the first round, but it's rather quiet. TWC history is long and full of twists... stay tuned. :p


Current Badges

Badge Description
3K Magistrate.png (?) Elected February 18th, 2023. I vote on the (currently nonexistent) cases where users appeal Moderator actions.
3K Civitate.png (?) Anointed March 15, 2020. I honestly just chose 'Civitate' over 'Citizen' because it's more fancy.


Award Type Reason
Wiki Editor silver.png Silver Wiki Editor Award The mark of my freelance wiki history working on the content, infrastructure and skins of the wiki. Achieved Bronze on June 3rd, 2019 and Silver on April 28th, 2020.
Macebigsilver.png Moderator's Mace (Silver) A reward for spambot-bashing and various janitorial work, mainly in the TW sections.

Received a bronze CMS blogger award for meeting the 5 blog threshold. The blogs were not particularly good and I had the award scrapped with the blogs.

Previous Badges

Badge Description
3K Moderator.png (?) Moderator as of February 5th, 2022 to December 2022. Voted 'best jannie twc ever had' by Cope, if that helps. My legacy is in the 'edited by' section of quite a few pins in the forum...
3K Content Staff.png (?) Wiki Team as of February 24th, 2022 to December 2022. I've retained the on-wiki access acquired during this term.
3K Consul.png (?) Elected on May 11th, 2021. It was an unremarkable term that I'm not very proud of, but I did get to experience the eldrich vBulletin underlay...
3K Praefectus.png (?) Elected on June 6th, 2020 as a local moderator of the Curia; served shortly before the position was eliminated. Didn't do much. I forget if I resigned, the term expired or it just got dropped with me in it, but I know it all happened abut the same time.
3K Gaming Staff.png (?) Discord Staff, as of May 10th, 2020. It was purple on Discord and never reflected on the site itself. Eventually I resigned, but the other guy has been there since the start. Now I'm a strange amalgamation of Gaming-Discord-Tech staff since KA gave me access to do some tweaks there.
3K Magistrate.png (?) A very short term to evaluate cases that were brought to the Tribunal. It was good reading for the future, but I was rather underqualified. There weren't many candidates and it was only after that it was realized I was just a little too new to citizenship to actually hold the position.
3K Librarian.png (?) Before the badge was merged into main Content Staff, I briefly held this position. It was in the twilight days of Scriptorium activity in 2018.
3K Content Staff.png (?) Wiki Team a few times early on. The stints were quite brief; they were succeeded by a longer term above.

DFK's project space

This is my plan for operating on TWC, one step at a time. Depending on circumstances it may grow or retract without notice.

My time on TWC is invested in three things. 1. freelance wiki editing and improvements and 2. general forum cleanup in any way I have access to. Alongside wiki editing is an interest in collecting the history of TWC, a not-trivial task that has already taken me through many many threads and places. If/when these lists are accomplished as far as I feel I'm able, I will likely retire. At this time I'm operating rather bravely: I'm a magistrate who does a lot of things, in absence of magisterial duties. I am not a wiki team member but I operate as though I am running it, and I have broad reach on the forum despite having retired the title of moderator. For whatever reason TWC got me and hasn't let me leave for good, so I'll let that interest run its course.

Longer term I hope to return to site modship. Boldly, I believe I could do some good if permitted a time as administrator, but realistically without GED my list of activities would be limited. Nothing truly ambitious can occur until it starts from the top. I set the below as a plan to make use of my time on TWC. I hope I get the chance to do more or see the site in better times, but for now it is what it is.

Stars indicate what I'm working on at a given time, ★ being in progress or immediately up on queue and ☆ being next up to look at. All of the below is malleable with reasonable feedback.

Wiki work

TWC forum

  • forum thread collection & review (ongoing) ★
  • mod announcements ☆
  • registry reviews
  • safedisc issue


  • Antiokhos Euergetes citizen ★
  • final check on possible new citizens not in List of Citizens
  • bitterhowl citizen ☆
  • Guide to the curia page edit ☆