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User:Dismounted Feudal Knight

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Dismounted Feudal Knight

Citizen of TWC

Badges/Staff Roles:Civitate
Patron:King Athelstan
House:The Imperial House of Hader

Dismounted Feudal Knight is a Citizen with focus on gradual and systemic improvements to this wiki. He has (briefly) been in several positions both Curial and Staff, but typically returns to being an independent commenter and contributor.

In 2017 he was spurred to engage on TWC by Jadli, who dug him up from a Steam multiplayer community for Medieval II: Total War. He was patronized by King Athelstan a few years later. Below is a summary of the various things he's done and participated in, though he is not especially proud of them.

  • Participated in Hotseating after being brought from Steam; rather unsuccessful as the 'meta play' did not suit him (reloads, 'always attack', extensive mechanical gimmicking for best results). Founded The Isles of Chaos hotseat, which despite his commitment issue has managed to run for several years on end.
  • Before dipping out, was involved in and witness to the hotseat drama that lead to the loss of a Gaming Director for the section and a total overhaul in the section's politics and organization.
  • Participated in the Curial Commentary Thread and developed an unhealthy interest in Curial affairs, notable for being one of the odd 3-4 non-citizens to engage in the thread at the time.
  • Briefly participated in and won multiple entries for Tale of the Week. Despite an interest in writing, it unfortunately never resulted in a reliable presence for the Writer's Study.
  • Became Content Staff twice. First as part of the Scriptorium and Wiki Team with interest in the Modding Staff (never panned out), second as Wiki Team via a long lost, then recovered alias. Both were very short lived tenures ending with resignation upon request.
  • Actually became a citizen in one of the weaker applications of recent years. Somehow it passed, and here we are.
  • Per above, actually made some wiki contributions; mostly for structure, cleanup and maintenance. Also a skin that isn't terribly mobile responsive that the Site Owner liked.
  • Wrote an assortment of train-of-thought blogs that weren't especially coherent, but managed to get an award anyway.
  • Co-founding member of the Discord Staff with its fancy purple title on discord. Didn't last.

On record I've managed to accrue three accounts; one a 2015 creation I forgot about and managed to recover, the second the main alias, and the third a brief attempt to rebrand that was rather stupid and is formally banned upon request. I've also managed to hold several names around the original Commodus brand, a stint in a Majora brand, and now as a humble DFK.

These days I just want to do wiki stuff and play musical barbs in the Curia.

Badges and Awards


Badge Description
3K Civitate.png A form of Citizen unremarkable for modding or Total War contributions, but who has a remarkably big mouth on other matters and was largely patronized on that basis.


Badge Description
3K Consul.png A Consul serves as a de-facto Curial janitor, oversees and keeps up with the Constitution, and sometimes acts like a leader or something. It was a nice round in bold purple.. Elected May 11th, 2021.
3K Praefectus.png A Praefectus serving as a local moderator of the Curia. Elected on June 6th, 2020. Served a fairly short term, then the position was eliminated.
3K Gaming Staff.png A member of the Gaming Staff specifically managing the Total War Center discord. Role created on Discord on May 10th, 2020; never officially reflected on the site.
3K Magistrate.png Magistrates are the two members of the Tribunal elected by the Citizenry. Served a somewhat controversial, rather short term in mid 2020.
3K Librarian.png Librarians decide on the content of the Scriptorium and are the general custodians of the archives of TWC. Served a very short period in 2018.
3K Content Staff.png A member of Content Staff, specifically serving in the Wiki Team also in 2018.

Should have gotten a Modding Staff badge, would have rounded out the hat collection...


Award Type Reason
Wiki Editor silver.png Silver Wiki Editor Award Awarded for continued independent work on the Wiki. Received April 28, 2020; Bronze, June 3rd, 2019.
CMS BLOG Bronze large.png Bronze CMS Blogger Award Awarded for having posted at least 5 blogs (count: 7) via the CMS. Received April 21, 2020.

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