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User:Dismounted Feudal Knight

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Dismounted Feudal Knight

Civitate of TWC

Patron:King Athelstan
House:The Imperial House of Hader
Patronized on:03/15/2020
Forum Profile:Here

Hello there. I am Dismounted Feudal Knight. Among other things I was a moderator, Staff wiki editor/Wiki hobbyist, a curialist, and occasionally a bit of a spitfire. I've changed brand a few times since joining in 2017; in my earlier TWC years I was a known impersonator of infamous Roman emperors. These days I'm just sitting back and 'vacationing'.

Reaching DFK

PMs are gucci

There's also raidarr#6550 on Discord if you prefer, and I'm found under that name through the topically related strategygaming.com site.

Note that I will be unable to respond for the better part of 2023 to messages irrespective of platform.

Wee bit of history

I have been aware of the site existing since 2013-2014 or so. I registered in 2015, but did nothing significant with it and forgot about the account. In 2017 I registered again, sucked in by Jadli from an obscure multiplayer/hotseating community on Steam. I wasn't very good at it, but I did manage to get this thing started.

From time to time I'd participate in Tale of the Week as well as appear in random areas. For a time I was a member of the Curial Peanut Gallery™, lurking in its commentary thread and dropping two pence from time to time. Hotseating had a bit of a civil war that I was tangentially involved in. Eventually I was patronized, with a surprisingly favorable vote.

I entered Staff a couple of times, generally not lasting long because I was a bit too argumentative and hotheaded and had no concept of managing burnout. As such I served very brief stints as a Librarian, member of the Wiki Team twice, and an obscure stint as Discord Staff. Until 2022, almost everything I did on the wiki was as a regular user often in coordination with the wiki director of the time.

I also held office in the Curia a few times; once as a Praefect before that position was removed, once as a Magistrate (though rather briefly) and one term as Consul in late 2021. I don't consider any of these to have been remarkable and I generally wasn't too qualified or revolutionary, but they make for a colorful badge list below.

At one point I rediscovered my 2015 account and tried to have a fresh start on that; likewise I made a different account to increment my username at the time. I also tried out the profile of an eldrich boss from Zelda. None of these were well advised or successful, same with a small series of blogs which I've since had purged from the record. I'm not particularly proud of my earlier shenanigans, but they're better than some of my earlier shenags on Steam. All is to say I've done dumb stuff.

Turn of the year, 2022. I knew I had a problem and I tried to work on it. I gave a stint in Moderation a go on a whim, and it wasn't half bad. I bugged the poor Content Hex yet again about joining Wiki Team and that worked out too. I also rebranded off infamous roman emperors because I liked 'dfk' as an acronym and 'Dismounted Feudal Knight' sounded better in my head before I saw the gnarly new line in my post blurb. Eh, it works.

I had a quiet but stable tenure lasting up to the beginning of December by which time I sent a message noting I would need to move on, as new things have come up in my life where TWC won't be able to follow. So now, here we are. I think it's an amicable ending. I'll update this again if I get into anything significant later on.


Current Badges

Badge Description
3K Civitate.png (?) Anointed March 15, 2020. Bit of a tangy flavor, but it works.


Award Type Reason
Wiki Editor silver.png Silver Wiki Editor Award The mark of my non-staff wiki history working on content, infrastructure and skins for the wiki. Achieved Bronze on June 3rd, 2019 and Silver on April 28th, 2020.
Macebigsilver.png Moderator's Mace (Silver) A reward for spambot-bashing and various jan-work mainly in the TW sections.

I also received a bronze CMS blogger award for meeting the 5 blog threshold. The blogs were not particularly good and the award was scrapped with the blogs.

Previous Badges

Badge Description
3K Moderator.png (?) Moderator as of February 5th, 2022 to December 2022. Check out the FAQ. After my exit it became sadly rather quiet in the den. Voted 'best jannie twc ever had' by Cope!
3K Content Staff.png (?) Wiki Team as of February 24th, 2022 to December 2022. Until otherwise revoked (the assignment is separate) this is the reason behind my local administrator right, which exists to do certain (though rarely needed) technical tasks.
3K Consul.png (?) Elected on May 11th, 2021. It was an unremarkable term, but I did get to experience the eldrich vBulletin underlay....
3K Praefectus.png (?) Elected on June 6th, 2020 as a local moderator of the Curia; served shortly before the position was eliminated. Didn't do terribly much. I forget if I resigned, term expired or it just got dropped with me in it, but I know my term was ending and that's about when it was binned.
3K Gaming Staff.png (?) Discord Staff, as of May 10th, 2020. It was purple on Discord and never reflected on the site itself. Eventually I resigned, but the other guy has been there since the start.
3K Magistrate.png (?) A very short term helping evaluate cases that were brought to the Tribunal. While good reading for the future, I was rather underqualified and likely received the position in light of the limited electorate and candidates. And there was the minor snag that I wasn't actually eligible when I was voted in (too new as a Citizen).
3K Librarian.png (?) Before the badge was merged into main Content Staff, I briefly held this position. It was in the twilight years of Scriptorium activity back in 2018.
3K Content Staff.png (?) Wiki Team a few times before. The stints were quite brief; they were eventually succeeded by the lengthier term mentioned above.

For a time I was interested in Modding Staff, but it seemed to be over not long after it had begun, plus I was probably too discombobulated to make a difference in it. Besides, everything that interested me about became possible in my final two roles. I was also vaguely interested in Technical for a while, but my experience didn't quite meet my gaze and that was well after the technical side of the site had disappeared anyway.

Project space

This exists to pretend I'm going to fill it. I usually forget but I like to have it. Maybe someday!™