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Magistrates are the two members of the Tribunal elected by the Citizens of the Curia. Along with the two permanent Tribunes, they work on cases to determine if Moderation gave a fair punishment using the Terms of Service when a member has made a public appeal. They are on a rotation; the two tribunes are always present and the third member of the Tribunal for a case is an alternating Magistrate, unless a Tribune is unavailable and needs to be filled in.

They can be identified by the following badge:

Troy Magistrate.png

The current Magistrates are:

Further Information

Magistrates hold 4 month terms and can be re-elected. Minimally, they must have been citizens for three months, have not been infracted for 6 months, and are not currently in the Moderation Staff or (obviously) already a Tribune.

Magistrates can be removed by a Vote of No Confidence (as a technical Curial Officer despite the Curia not being their remit) and by unanimous Tribune vote, at which point a new election is held to replace them immediately. It is possible for the seat to go empty for a time if there is only one candidate and the candidate is not approved by the Curia, which has happened before.

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