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Hexagon Council Awards

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Medals and Awards

Hexagon Council Awards are handed out at the discretion of Administration.

TWC Milestone Award

The TWC Milestone Award is awarded to those who have been on TWC for 10 years, have accumulated 10,000 posts, and have posted after completing both of the former.

10 year.png
TWC Milestone Award
List of Holders

TWC Survivor Award

The TWC Survivor Award is awarded to those who have survived a serious mistake by TWC Staff, and is usually given with their sincere apologies.

Survivor large.png
TWC Survivor Award
List of Holders

Laurel Cluster

Awarded by Hex to those that have gone above and beyond in their service to the site, in one way or another.

Laurel Cluster Bronze.png Laurel Cluster Silver.png Laurel Cluster gold.png
List of Holders
List of Holders
List of Holders
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