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Blogs at TWC are housed within the Content Management System (aka CMS). While TWC is a fan site for Total War games, its community is big enough to host some passionate and productive bloggers. Whether they are writing about games, life, traveling, sport or whatnot, if you are interested in knowing what they have to tell you, please head directly to the TWC Blogging Hub.

If you wish to know how to join the glorious ranks of the CMS Bloggers, please refer to the CMS Blogging Thread; remember to read and follow the special rules for the CMS Blogs. They are also posted in the Terms of Service here. Importantly, user blogs cannot be about politics or religion except by special approval from a member of the Hexagon Council. The site does not wish to host problematic or controversial blogs which will cause issue for the site, and use/request for use of the system is an agreement to respect this guideline. Use is offered, moderated by and if necessary revoked by the site's administrators. More contentious topics may be blogged at the old TWC Member Blogs subforum (link below), which is approached and moderated as normal by the site's Moderation Staff.

Every blogger has the right to a spotlight on this page to promote their published work. If you would like to be added, please use the CMS Blogging Thread to request a section.

Bloggers Spotlights


Flinn is a known Dudeist, alcoholic, pro-camper and corrupted politician (and chef!); he's been posting Blogs since July 2019.

CMS%20BLOG%20Gold%20small.png Flinn has been awarded with the CMS Blogger Award Gold Medal on November 2020, upon reaching his 30th Blog post.


  • The Dude goes into politics series; discover how I decided to further ruin my life by joining the infamous ranks of the Italian Public Administrators!
  • The life of a winemaker; because after all I've managed to do something good in my life.. come and learn how to mess with ageless old traditions...
  • The fine art of Wild Camping; It's not what you think, quite the opposite I'm sure... life can be great everywhere, included in the middle of nowhere.
  • The Dude's thoughts I mean, I'm better than the most of you, so just sit there and let me illuminate you!
  • The Cooking Experience just because I'm not enough a stereotyped Italian, let's talk about cooking...

General Brewster

General Brewster is famous for being constantly on the verge of leaving TWC, something he couldn't achieve since he loves us more than he loves himself!

CMS%20BLOG%20Bronze%20small.png General Brewster has been awarded with the CMS Blogger Award Bronze Medal on November 2019, after the Award was successfully implemented on that date.


  • Brew's blogs; General Brewster has blogged on various matters, from frivolous stuff as how washing his own car seems to be an impossible task (something everybody experienced at least once in their life), to some romantic creative writing, or even social matters as "deaf people", though most of his production is related to his own real life (a matter that needs proper deep thinking) or struggles at TWC. You can find plenty of great content in his Blogging page, just don't make negative comments on him or he's gonna leave us for good!


Gigantus is the wannabe stand-up comedian of TWC. He also posts Tech stuff in blogs, but who cares about tech, when you can have good, old fashioned, jokes?

CMS%20BLOG%20Bronze%20small.png Gigantus has been awarded with the CMS Blogger Award Bronze Medal on November 2019, upon reaching his 5th Blog post.


  • Gig' blogs. The mighty Gigantus has ranged on many different arguments with his jokes and short comic stories. His blogs have a typical mature touch, as for the most they are focused on jokes about ageing, husband/wife and family life in general, misunderstandings and unexpected "plot twists"! If you are into modding Gig has also posted some modding-related blogs, although they are not even remotely interesting as his comic works!

Original Member Diaries and Blogs

The Writers' Study hosts a forum called TWC Member Blogs which contains some interesting early 'blogs' by TWC members simply using the forum thread format. It is still possible to post in this section (and it should be used if content is within ToS but not Blog guidelines), but it has largely been superseded by the CMS system described above.

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