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Eagle Standard

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Since 2005, The Eagle Standard has been the go-to place for anyone looking to get the latest modification reviews and in-depth Total War articles.

It produces: - previews, reviews and retrospectives of TW games - reviews and retrospectives of modifications for TW games - interviews with TWC modders - articles relating to all aspects of the TWC Modding Awards; and - articles and interviews connected to other TW-related projects based here at TWC.

Each member of the ES team is usually free to write on the topic they prefer, as long as this falls within the categories above, though of course the ES aims to provide specific works according to the needs of the moment.

If ranting and raving about the latest developments in the Total War world is something you do; if reviewing modifications such as the Last Great War and the Third Age: Total War or interviewing the most well-known modders sounds like your cup of tea, then why not give it a go? No need to worry that your English or writing skills may not be up to the task, we're happy to provide help and plenty of guidance. Flexibility is the rule for us and plenty of time will be allowed to learn how to become a successful ES writer!


Latest Editions

To view the latest editions of The Eagle Standard on TWC go here

Previous Editions

Current Staff

  • For staff members and writers see here


A previous Eagle Standard logo
A previous Eagle Standard logo

The Eagle Standard publication on TWC was founded in March 2005.

Some previous team members include:

The original organising members were:

See this post by Spartan in March 2005. Note an early appearance by the now legendary Imb39 in that list.

Volume I, Issue I can be found in this thread. That first ever issue contained an interview with the famous modder Gaius Julius.

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