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Gamer's Gazette

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The current Gamer's Gazette logo

Dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest non-Total War game reviews, news, and videos!


Flinn is the Content Director for the Gamer's Gazette.

For the full list of staff members see here

Current Issues

The Gamer's Gazette is now published using TWC's Front Page CMS system - latest issues can be found here

Previous Issues

The archive of earlier Gamer's Gazette issues published on the forum can be found here

A contents guide for the earliest three issues is shown below:

Vol. 1, 3rd issue

Read this issue here


  • Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm Preview and Opinions by SturmChurro
  • Skyrim Dawnguard Review by Påsan
  • Bring Your A-Game by apple
  • Assassin's Creed 3 Review by Confederate Jeb
  • Holiday Gift Ideas from the Gamer's Gazette by Daily, apple, Legio, Manco & Confederate Jeb

Vol. 1, 2nd issue

Read this issue here


  • In Verbis Virtus Demo 0.2 Commentary Video by Leonidas the Lion AKA Crandar - Bottled Awesome™
  • Tiny Wings 2 Review (iOS) by apple
  • Gaming Staff Expose Column #1 by Confederate Jeb
  • Daily's First Impressions: Prison Architect Alpha by Daily
  • Old Skool-Warcraft: Rise of a Franchise Part 1 by StealthEvo
  • Sleeping Dogs Review (PC) by Manco
  • Manco's First Impressions: War of the Roses and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare by Manco

Vol. 1, 1st issue

Read this issue here


  • Minecraft Review (XBOX 360) by Confederate Jeb
  • Crazy's Hardware Review by Crazyeyesreaper
  • Ask Crazy by Crazyeyesreaper
  • Exclusive Borderlands 2, PlayStation Battle Royale, Eve Dust 514 Hands-On by Confederate Jeb
  • Endless Space Review (PC) by Manco
  • Prototype 2 Review (PC) by Daily
  • Battlefield 3 Commentary Video by Leonidas the Lion AKA Crandar - Bottled Awesome™

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