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The Writers' Study

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The Writers' Study A place to share your After Action Reports, compete community competitions like the MAARC, join the Tale of the Week Contest, read and write personal Blogs, and show others your skill in the Creative Writing department as well as the Lounge where writers share their experience and converse.

As of September 2015, The Writers' Study has been merged with the Critic's Quill, retaining their names, but working as one entity.


Monthly AAR Competition

See here Home to MAARC, Total War Centre's greatest AAR competition. Here you can compete monthly by entering your AAR and battling it out for the chance to come first, second, or third and gain points towards the Writers' Study Competition Medal.

After Action Reports

A place to share all of your After Action Reports, for whatever game, mod or era - it is all found within. Read other AARs, post your own AARs and get feedback from all the other AARtists.

A cooperative creative-writing project, centered around creating a massive, multiplayer AAR through the roleplay of Roman Senators.

Tale of the Week

See here Each week an interesting picture, including winning POTW entries and other generally awesome images, shall be chosen and you will be given the opportunity to write a short 'tale' about it. After the submission period has concluded, a vote will be held to ascertain which entrant has written the best story, based on the materials given.

Creative Writing

See here Home to all the poems and stories written by TWC's members. Here you can write whatever style strikes you and receive friendly work critique.

The Writers Lounge

See here A place where experienced writers can share their experience with new writing talents. Ask all your questions here.

TWC Member Blogs

See here A place to create, read, and comment on TWC member-submitted blogs.

Vergil's Challenge

This was an endowed competition where authors submitted their work and could win prizes such as games and Total War DLC products.


The Writers' Study is managed by Content Staff, the current staff members assigned to the Critic's Quill and Writers' Study are shown below:

Some previous staff members are listed below in the spoiler:

Previous Staff Members

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