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News Team

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The News Team produces TWC's Front Page Announcements. One of the News Team's main aims is to support TWC's modding community by providing a way for modders to announce their mods, updates and previews, but the range of things the News Team provides announcements for is much wider than that, and includes:

  • New mods for Total War games, and updates or previews of mods.
  • Reviews of and guides for mods for Total War games.
  • News of official Total War releases and updates.
  • Articles published by TWC publications.
  • Official TWC competitions.
  • Unoffical TWC competitions run by members of the community.
  • Other news that might be of interest to TWC members.

Announcements can be seen on TWC's front page and in the Front Page Announcements forum.

And, anyone who would like a Front Page Announcement for their mod, competition or other news item is welcome to contact the News Team using one of the links in this announcement.


The News Team is an interesting and fast-paced place to work, with the team responding to events as they happen.

If you are interested in working for the News Team please contact the current director Caillagh de Bodemloze.

For the Current Staff details, see here.

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