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TWC Downloads

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The TWC Download Section can be used to post small (max 100MB) mods, tools and resources for the Total War games, or for use elsewhere on TWC.

Members can also create a page in the downloads section which links to a larger file hosted externally, the page can be retained and edited and the file link changed for later updates allowing them to track the total number of downloads over various versions.

Tips for Use of the Download Section

  • To change the file which has been uploaded select the 'Edit' button beneath the post.
  • If linking to an off-site file, the file size in BYTES should be added in the bottom box of the 'Add File' dialogue.
If you find the above calculation too difficult here is a tool that does it for you here.
  • Members can find files that they or others have uploaded by viewing the 'Downloads' tab in the member's profile.


The download section is maintained by members of Content Staff; the list of members currently assigned to the downloads section is shown below:

Reporting Problems

Unfortunately, the 'Report Button' function in the downloads section does not work. If you spot any issue in the downloads section that needs attention, including:

  • broken, missing, or dead download links
  • spam on the comment section of the mod by bots or humans
  • blocked images as well as missing or dead image links

Please copy/paste the URL of the download and post a description of the issue in this thread.

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