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Medals and Awards

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Medals and Awards

The Total War Center has a wide ranging system of Medals and Awards. Awards that are shown as medals in the users' profile can be viewed here on the forum. They include:

  • Curia Awards - Awards created by the Curia and granted by a Curia Vote. They are categorized as Large, Medium and Small awards.
  • Site Service Awards - Awards given on the basis of activity, merit and length of service in a Staff department (or in the CdeC before it was abolished).
  • Special Contribution Awards - Awards granted for contributions in a specific area. Recipients can be proposed by managing Staff responsible for specific areas of the site.
  • Contest Awards - Awards for players in site-hosted contests, other than the annual Member and Modding Awards.

There is also Citizenship, both an award also from the Curia for contributions to TWC and a user group with its own badge, additionally offering certain access and rights - including the ability to nominate and vote users to receive awards from the Curia.

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