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Site Awards

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Medals and Awards

Site Awards are given to winners of both TWC Member Awards and TWC Modding Awards competitions which are both held annually but as separate events.

TWC Modding Awards

Main Article: Modding Awards

The Modding Awards are meant to reward worthy mods (including tools and resources) and modders (including tools and resources makers) hosted or anyways present at TWC. The Modding Awards have been held since 2005 and have evolved as the TW games themselves (and their popularity and moddability) evolved over time. They originated as a Curial activity (with the supervision of Administration), but since 2014 edition they are managed directly by the Awards Hexer with the support and work of the Modding Awards Committee. Visit the Modding Awards forum here

TWC Member Awards

Main Article: Members' Awards

The Members' Awards are meant to reward all the worthy TWC members, as nominated and voted by the TWC membership itself. They include categories ranging from the Best Debater up to the Favorite Staff member, and they have evolved over the years as the site and its community evolved itself. First edition was held on 2005 and it originated as a Curial activity, but since 2013 edition they are managed directly by the Awards Hexer with the support and work of the Member Awards Committee. Visit the Member Awards forum here

Award Committees

Both the Site Awards sections are managed by a Hexagon Administrator, but differently from the other activities in the Gaming and Competitions sections, they are run by two separate committees which are not necessarily made up of Staffers or Citizens (though normally most of them are indeed Staffers from other departments, or Citizens).

Everybody is welcome to apply for a position within the committees. The committees work normally begins a few months before the awards are announced to the public and extends afterwards to record winners and debate changes that may be needed for the next year. If you are interested in joining please contact the Awards and Competitions Hex: Vacant

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