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Citizenship is the fundamental award given by the Curia for contributions to the site and community of the Total War Center.

  • An updated list of citizens can be found here.
  • Citizens with pages on the wiki can be found here

How to Become a TWC Citizen

The rules governing citizenship can be found in the Constitution on the forum here.

The minimum requirements to be considered for the award are to have made at least fifty posts, been registered for at least two months, and not have received a warning within the last six months. Above and beyond these basic standards, the rank is then awarded for contributions to the site. Contributions can take many forms, including but not limited to:

  • Creating After Action Reports (AARs) on battles fought in the various Total War games.
  • Creating a mod, or working as part of a mod team for a game in TWC.
  • Serving as a member of the TWC staff (Content Writer, Librarian, Content Artist, Wiki writer etc.)
  • Showing dedication to the site by making consistent intelligent posts around the forum.

To be considered for the award the member has to be patronised by an existing citizen. There are two ways this can happen. The most common is for an existing citizen to notice a member's contributions and send a PM asking if they'd like the rank. However, applicants who think they are ready for citizenship and haven't been approached may also PM a citizen directly and ask for sponsorship. Only those citizens who have themselves held their rank for 3 months can patronise. The patron and applicant together formulate an application which the patron then posts in the Questionaes Perpetuae for discussion and voting.

The Guide to Patronising New Citizens contains useful advice for applicants and patrons.

When the applicant passes the vote and becomes a Citizen, they can choose between 3 different badges. Artifex, designed for those who are modders, Civitate, designed for those who have contributed to the debating side of the Site, whether in TW or CC, and Citizen, for those who associate with both or neither.

Rights and Responsibilities

Citizens have no defined duties on the forum, they are not staff and do not moderate. However, citizens are expected to maintain a higher standard of behavior than the minimum moderation requirements outlined in the ToS. Those "Higher Standards" have always been a controversial argument, since they are subjective and cannot be restrained to any "standard", as a matter of fact. However, any Citizen who believes that another Citizen has failed to behave in an exemplary manner, can initiate an Ostrakon. Whilst not binding The Citizens Handbook provides a useful guide to optimal behavior.

Citizenship gives the user the right to vote in Curial Bills and elect applicants for Curial Offices, as well as post in the Symposium and Curia. Citizens may also use custom use titles (the default for them is 'Citizen'). After a member has been a citizen for three months, without receiving any warnings, then they are eligible to run for a Curial Office, they can also act as Patrons to other members.


Citizen Badge

If a member of the forum does not wish to choose between being recognized as having strongest ties to either the Common Community or Total War parts of the forum, they may choose to simply wear the neutral "Citizen" badge as shown below:

Troy Citizen.png

Civitate Badge

Members who choose to be recognized as having strongest ties to the Common Community can select the Civitate badge shown below:

Troy Civitate.png

Originally the rank of Civitate was the honour bestowed on forum members for both excellent Common Community and Total War contributions to the forums, with the distinction between Civitate and Artifex arriving some time in 2006. The rank of Civitate was instituted within the first version of the Syntagma.

Artifex Badge

Members who choose to be recognized as having strongest ties to the Total War community can select the Artifex badge shown below:

Troy Artifex.png

The rank of Artifex was developed mid 2006 primarily as an attempt to further recognise the work of those members of the forum who contribute primarily to the Total War side of the forums - for example those who work as members of hosted modifications or write tutorials for use on the forums.


see main article: Patrician

Troy Patrician.png

An additional class of citizenship, Patrician, is available for those that have received certain major awards or who have served as Administrators.

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