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A Citizen is a user who has undergone citizenship, an award granted by the Curia for contributing to the site and community of Total War Center. Its minimum requirements are 50 posts, no formal warnings from Moderation for six months prior, and forum membership for at least two months.

Citizenship brings a badge, a username color, custom titles, the ability to post in the Curia and vote in its affairs (including patronizing other citizens or nominating users for other Curial Awards) and the ability to vote for Magistrates in the Tribunal or a Consul who oversees the Curia. It is not required for membership in Staff, participating in general competitions or to use unmentioned forum features. It's also not required (though it's encouraged) for citizens to participate in the Curia itself past the patronization process.

The role of citizens, the Curia and all related function are defined and governed by the Constitution.

Becoming a Citizen

Provided they fit the requirements, citizens can be patronized by existing citizens and put forward for Curia vote. The patron will present the background of the nominated user; what they've done and added to the site, their participation history, an obligatory but random cute pet photo. A 60% support ratio is required to pass. If successful, the applicant may apply for their desired badge via user settings.

If you haven't been reached out to but think you would fit the bill, feel free to reach out to an existing citizen and see if they're willing to patronize you.

Once citizen for three months, a new citizen may patronize users of their own and run for curial office. They may vote and participate in the Curia immediately upon citizenship.


The three badges are slightly different in background and implication, but carry equal right to post and participate in the Curia. Citizens may choose the one that suits their activity best.

Badge Description
Troy Citizen.png The general badge of citizenship, which doesn't imply a particular interest besides the TWC community in general.
Troy Artifex.png A badge strongly connected with modding skills and helpfulness which can stack with other curial modding awards.
Troy Civitate.png The original badge, implying interest and skill in discussion & debate or a particular interest in the 'Common Community" (the non Total War sections of the forum).

Additional Information

Citizenship does not confer additional responsibilities, ie, 'higher standards' of behavior or expectations to contribute more than before. However, Citizens are expected to follow the Terms of Service and avoid infraction. If infracted Citizen status is lost until the infraction expires or is overturned. There is a process called Ostrakon for those who are, by the Curia's standard, 'unfit' for citizenship. Ostrakon is not connected to a user's moderation history.

The Curia was once a place to start initiatives and make suggestions for the site. Much of that takes place in the Questions and Suggestions forum, but initiatives can still come from within the Curia. There is a history of politics and drama to the curia, which prospective citizens may wish to consider (or not, given a citizen can ignore the Curia entirely).

There is a mild roleplaying aspect to citizenship, though it is not obligatory to participate in. Long lineages of citizens have formed into Houses, with traceable lineages that can reach back decades.


Main Article: Patrician
Badge Description
Troy Patrician.png The Patrician badge is available for those that have received major awards by the Curia or who have served as Administrators.

Patrician automatically offers citizenship, though the citizenship can be refused.

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