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The Constitution is the governing document of the TWC Curia, describing citizenship, the role of the Consul, decision-making and award-giving. The current version can be found here: The Constitution posted on TWC.

Additional Information

See main articles: Curia, Citizenship, and Curial Awards

The Constitution provides guidelines for the Curia's processes:

  • Defining the Curia, and the idea of Citizenship
  • Structure of the Curia and its forums
  • Curial procedure, namely its decisions and awards

It is the canonical source of information: this wiki only expands, and if it contradicts then whatever the Constitution says is accurate and the wiki is simply outdated.

The Constitution is modified by a vote of Citizens or by need from the administration, with the results being implemented by the Consul.

History of the Constitution

See also: History of the Syntagma

The original name of this document was the Syntagma, changed in 2007 to the Constitution. In this time an index of changes to the Constitution was started:

The Constitution and by extension the Curia once held power over the operation of the site, including ratification votes for new members of staff, an elected Hex position and oversight over various components of the forum. Over time these powers and responsibilities slipped from Curial control and became full dominions of Staff, as amendments over time steadily simplified and reduced the role and operations of the Curia. It has come to strictly affect immediate Curial affairs and little else.

The actual use of Constitution was tried back in 2005 during an early reform, see this proposal.

In April 2024 following an intervention against a rogue Consul, the administration decided to suspend the standing version and implement a far simplified one, due to the record low participation of the Curia and what it considered to be the fatal ineffectiveness of the institution. The new version was implemented in the hopes of salvaging some use, making award-giving a more simple process that could be initiated by any member and ratified by Curia vote and doing away with bureaucratic complexities that had long made the Consul a somewhat tedious role.

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