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The Censors were assistants of the Consul who helped oversee day-to-day operations in the Curia. Their responsibilities depended on the needs and situation of their Consul; they may be anything from advisors to the de-facto managers when the Consul is away. If the Consul was unable or unwilling to perform Constitutional tasks then it was their duty to step in and ensure the task is done, up to acting as interim Consul. They also assisted in moderating the Curia.

The Censor position substantially changed over time. Initially they were elected and equal to the Consul in administering punishments to referred citizens; this was the age of the Citizen's Triumvirate. In the time of the Praefect office they were shifted to direct administrative deputies of the Consul. When the Praefects were abolished their role took on moderation again, but they remain deputies appointed by the Consul acting on the Consul's authority (indeed, any misconduct by them would be on the Consul's head).

They were identified by the following badge:

Troy Censor.png

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