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The Censor position has gone through large changes and the present function is very different from the past, but the name and usergroup lives on.

They can be identified by the following badge:

Troy Censor.png

An up to date list of the current Censors can be found here

Past Role

A Censor is one of two elected Curial officers who, alongside the Curator, discuss and deal with displinary matters regarding Citizens.

Censors serve for 4 month terms and are members of the Citizen's Triumvirate - the body that handles Citizen disciplinary processes. If a Citizen breaks the ToS or is referred for behaviour unbecoming of the higher standard expected of Citizens then the Censores, along with the Curator, will discuss the case and see if disciplinary action is needed, for example suspending a Citizen rank or even removing Citizenship altogether. This takes place in the hidden administrative subforum of the Curia, where the Curator will post any eventual referral, and the censors then come to a decision together. If there's a tie, the Curator will be the tie-breaker They have a different role to the Curator as they must make a vote in every case, whereas the Curator only votes to break a tie. Furthermore they have no other rights in the Curia such as moderation or day-to-day administration

Post Overhaul 66

After the Curial Overhaul 66 came into effect the function of the Censor role was debunked, and incorporated into the Praefectus role. However, the badge and name lived on to signify the official position of a Curators assistant, helping out in day-to-day administration of the Curia

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