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Citizen's Triumvirate

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Citizen's Triumvirate

The Citizen's Triumvirate ("CT") is responsible for the disciplinary procedure of Citizens, outlined in the Constitution, specifically in Section III, Articles I an II.


During the discussion of the Abolish CdeC bill it was decided that a new body would need be formed in order to handle Citizen disciplinary procedure, previously under the remit of the Consilium de Civitates, whilst Citizenship applications would be handled by the whole Citizenry. Initially the CdeC was going to be kept in order to deal with referrals, but as the discussion evolved the idea of Citizen's Triumvirate was put forth and developed.


The full membership comprises of:

  • The current Censors who must discuss and vote in every case
  • The Curator who may discuss cases but only votes in the case of a tie
  • Hexagon Council members who may choose to participate but do not vote.

If a voting member of the Triumvirate recuses themselves from a case, the Curator appoints the runner up from the last Censor election as a substitute judge to sit on the case. In case the appointee refuses to sit as a substitute judge, the Curator will appoint the next runner-up.

In case all Citizens who ran in the last Censor election refuse to sit, an shortened election will take place. The Curator will open an application thread lasting one day. After the application thread is closed, the Curator will open an election poll in the Curia Vote forum also lasting one day. The Citizen with the plurality of votes will sit as a Censor in said case. Applicants must meet all Censor requirements.

Removal from Office

An elected member of the Citizen Triumvirate is removed from office if any of the following occur:

  • The member is subject to a successful VoNC.
  • The member receives a Curial Warning.
  • The member receives a Moderation Warning.

Upon removal from office a new election is held as per Section 3, Article 2 of the Constitution.

Voting Procedure

All polls are set up by the Curator, or in the case of the Curator being referred, by the Censor whose term is nearest completion.Votes conducted by the Citizens Triumvirate shall list the vote option and the reasoning why it was chosen by each voting member.

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