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A Praefectus, colloquially known as a Praefect, was one of three elected members of the Curia who would manage the forum's moderation and keep a general eye on the conduct of Citizens. The position was created with Curial Overhaul 66, an administration backed reform spearheaded by Hader that attempted to bring new functions and purpose to the Curia.

These three members would vote in the various referrals of Citizen poor conduct and decide on taking no action, issuing a Curial Warning, suspend a member's citizenship for a period of time or eject them entirely from the citizenry. They would also moderate poor conduct as seen fit. A Praefect had significant agency in how to moderate, but they would also be overseen and guided by the office of Primus Praefectus. This user was the leader of the three and the position would require Moderation Staff experience.

Terms would last 6 months with any number of re-elections. Only a Vote of No Confidence or exceedingly poor conduct could remove them before then. There were untimely resignations, but not actual removals.

The position existed from February 21st, 2019 to September 3rd, 2020.

They wore the following badges and a bolded citizen color:

Troy Praefectus.png Troy Primus Praefectus.png

List of Former Praefects

The 'lineage' is traced via the Annuals of Curial Officer Elections. A number of Curial events took place including resignations, a key reason for the rather 'off' dates and desync of order.

Primus Praefectus

Praefectus (1)

Praefectus (2)

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