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Imperator Majora

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Imperator Majora, previously CommodusIV, was a curialist, on and offwiki editor, discord staffer and instigator of the defunct TWC Modding Council. He currently serves out a term as a Praefectus of the Curia.

Imperator Majora
Imperator Majora.png


Badges/Staff Roles:Citizen, Gaming Staff*
Forum Profile:Here


Imperator Majora participated in the following;

On occasion he participates in the Games, Activities and Chat and lurks in other areas of Site Administration. His activity in other sections is incidental at most.

Previously he participated in the Writer's Study and Hotseating (more broadly).

More broadly, he was an avid player of Medieval 2 Total War, and occasionally branched out to other games in the series. Following a Hyrule: Total War campaign, his gameplay was on a steep decline.

Current Positions

Badge Description
3K Praefectus.png A Praefectus serving as a local moderator of the Curia. Elected on March 15th, 2020.
3K Citizen.png A Citizen who does not specifically identify as either an Artifex or a Civiate. Became citizen on March 15th, 2020.


Former Positions

Badge Description
3K Magistrate.png Magistrates are the two members of the Tribunal elected by the Citizenry. Served a somewhat controversial, rather short term in mid 2020.
3K Librarian.png Librarians decide on the content of the Scriptorium and are the general custodians of the archives of TWC. Served a very short period in 2018.
3K Content Staff.png A member of Content Staff, specifically serving in the Wiki Team. Served a very short period in 2018.
3K Gaming Staff.png A member of the Gaming Staff specifically managing the Total War Center discord. Role created on discord on May 10th, 2020; never officially reflected on the site.


Award Type Reason
Wiki Editor silver.png Silver Wiki Editor Award Awarded for continued independent work on the Wiki. Received April 28, 2020; Bronze, June 3rd, 2019.
CMS BLOG Bronze large.png Bronze CMS Blogger Award Awarded for having posted at the least 5 blogs via the CMS. Received April 21, 2020.
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