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TWC is run by groups of volunteers including Staff, local moderators, and volunteers for specific site features.
Official Staff fall into five major categories:
Hex (aka Administration), Moderation, Technical, Content, and Tribunes.

For more information about the site, see also:

The Staff of Total War Center

Hexagon Council (Administration)

Main Article: Hexagon Council
Troy Administrator.png

The Hexagon Council or ‘Hex’ administer Total War Center and oversee all Staff and site projects. They can be contacted with any questions or concerns regarding the site in general.

Current Hex Members:


Main Article: Moderation Staff
Troy Moderator.png

Moderators ensure the Terms of Service are upheld and assist in maintaining the overall 'structure' of the site. Please see the TWC FAQ for information on Moderator Actions, Infractions and Appeals.

Current Moderation Staff:

Content Staff

Main Article: Content Staff
Troy Content Director.png
Troy Content Staff.png

Content Staff are members of various site departments that produce articles, interviews, reviews, art, competitions and more. All the sections below are overseen by Content Hex.

Current Hex:

Content Artists

The Content Artists create and improve the site's graphics. They are also able to provide art for TWC members on request, including sigs, userbars, badges, and banners. See the Graphics Workshop here

Current Content Artists:

The Critic's Quill & Writers' Study

Main Article: The Writers' Study

The Writers' Study runs a range of weekly and monthly competitions, in addition to sponsoring all forms of creative writing. The staff are also responsible for the Critic's Quill, a publication which creates articles related to the creative writing that has been submitted to the Writers' Study. View the Writers' Study here and the Critic's Quill here

Current Staff:
  • Vacant

The Eagle Standard

Main Article: Eagle Standard

The Eagle Standard staff write articles on everything relating to TW games and mods. The articles range from game reviews to modding news, reviews and previews, occasional interviews with modders and reports on the TWC Modding Awards. View the Eagle Standard here.

Current Staff:
  • Vacant

The Gamer's Gazette

Main Article: Gamer's Gazette

The Gamer's Gazette staff are dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest non-Total War game reviews, news, and videos! View the Gamer's Gazette here.

Current Staff:
  • Vacant

The Helios

Main Article: Helios

The Helios staff write articles and reviews about anything connected with history. They provide reviews of historical TV shows and history books, academic analysis and personal reflections on the subject of historical eras and events. Read the Helios here.

Current Staff:

The News & Twitter Team

Main Article: News Team

The News Team produces TWC's Front Page Announcements and brings Total War and Total War Center to the unwashed Twitter masses 140 characters at a time! They promote Total War games, mods and modding tools, as well as announcing other items that might be of interest to TWC members. View the latest announcements on the front page. Follow here.

Current Staff:

The Picture & Video Competitions

The Picture & Video Competition Staff runs three weekly Picture competitions for edited and non-edited screenshots from Total War and non-Total War games. In addition, there is a monthly Total War Video Competition. If competitions do not particularly interest you, feel free to visit anyway to share your screenshots and perhaps get tips n' tricks. Visit the forum here.

Current Staff:

The Scriptorium

Main Article: Scriptorium

Librarians decide on the content of the 'Scriptorium' and are the general custodians of the archives of TWC. As such, they are constantly looking around the forums in search of articles worthy of submission to The Scriptorium. View the Scriptorium here.

Current Staff:

TWC Downloads

Main Article: TWC Downloads

The TWC Downloads section allows members to upload and access small (max 100 MB) mods, tools and resources, and provide link pages to larger off-site files. The Downloads Staff maintain the section and can be contacted for queries or requests for assistance. Visit the Downloads section here. Report problems here.

Current Staff:

The TWC Wiki Team

Main Article: TWC Wiki

The Wiki Team adds content and updates the Wiki on subjects including; the Total War games, mods, modding and the TWC Forum itself. The team also supervise contributions made to the Wiki by other forum members. You are here!

Current Staff:

Technical Staff

Main Article: Technical Staff
Troy Technical Staff.png

Total War Center's Technical Staff fix technical problems on the site, ensure that it runs smoothly and may add, configure or remove features if necessary. If you wish to discuss issues related to TWC's software or hardware and for queries like "Why doesn't this feature work?" or "I found something wrong", please use The Questions & Suggestions forum.

Current Technical Staff:


Main Article: Tribunes
Troy Tribune.png

The Tribunes form part of the Tribunal, a group that offers members the ability to appeal infractions from the Moderation Branch if they believe they were excessive or unjustified according to the Terms of Service. Please see the TWC FAQ for information on Infractions and Appeals.

Current Tribunes:

Other Services & Features

Site Awards

Main Article: Site Awards

Total War Center's annual Site Awards are hosted for two categories of contribution:

  • Members' Awards - which reward a range of categories from Funniest Member to Favourite Staff Member. Visit the Member Awards forum here.
  • Modding Awards - which reward mods, modders, and tools/resources and their makers. Visit the Modding Awards forum here. Please be aware that the Modding Awards have not run for some time.

Both groups are organized by committees of volunteers overseen by Hex.

The TWC Administration also awards users with a variety of medals. Hexagon Council Awards including the Milestone, Survivor and Laurel Cluster Awards are given at their discretion. See the descriptions and recipients here. Other awards are granted by the Curia, a body of stakeholding members (see below).

TWC Blogs

Main Article: TWC Blogs

TWC Blogs are overseen directly by the Hexagon Council. If you would like to comment or post your own blogs, see the FAQ for how to apply. Discuss the blogs here. View the blogs here.

Note that TWC Blogs have high visibility; access is a privilege and a form of trust. Certain limits apply (see the FAQ) and violations are met with very low tolerance. A lower visibility but also lower stakes outlet, the forum TWC Member Blogs is available.

TWC Modding Services

TWC offers many services for modders. These include the Modding Registry and hosted mod forums for projects needing more space. To make inquiries about these features, please contact the Modding Hex: lolIsuck & Dismounted Feudal Knight.

Other modding resources include modding forums in the game sections (supervised by the Moderation Staff) and the Modding Portal on this wiki (supervised by Wiki Content Staff).

The Curia

Main Articles: Curia / Curial Officers

The Curia is a non-staff organization that supports the site by offering Curial Awards and holding elections on Magistrates to serve in the Tribunal. It is made up of citizens, members who've gone a little beyond just showing up and have made themselves a part of the site.

Dormant :/

The University

Main Article: TWC University

The University takes care of organizing and running courses based on varying subjects; while modding-related stuff is usually more common, you can find there courses about history, language or misc subjects as well. Anyone can become a Professor: all that you need to have is an interesting course and some students for your class! View the forum here.

The TWC Store

At the official Total War Center Shop you can get gear featuring official TWC logos and artwork, as well as art from some of your favorite mods. Each item you purchase puts $2 towards the support of TWC. Funds received from this store will be used to maintain and run TWC. This includes server maintenance, hosting, various software licenses, and prizes and competitions.

If you want to support TWC directly, consider becoming a Patron.

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TWC Social Media

Follow TWC on Facebook here!

Local Moderation

Many forums, particularly for mods, are run by local users who are not a part of staff and simply volunteered to take care of it or are in charge of the project the forum is for, especially mods. These users are the ultimate gurus in their area and they are generally recommended points of contact for any topical issues. In specialized areas such as the Writer's Study or the Scriptorium, local moderators are also attached to Staff (in both examples, Content Staff).

Staff moderators in distinct dark blue and admins may be visible on the local mod list, but unless noted they may not be the ideal contacts and may not have the specialized knowledge you're looking for. However they can be contacted if the local moderator has been gone for a very long time, such as for a broken download link or in cases where no true local moderators exist. Generally a forum's stickies will inform you who the best contact is. If there is an issue with a post you can always report it and it will reach the eyes it needs to.


Main article: History of Total War Center

Total War Center has seen many iterations of staff from simply this, to a more unique set of titles like this and more until simplifying to the style used today. The timeline is a work in progress for the Wiki, but if you are interested in the history please take a look at the main article... or expand it if you know a little something yourself!

In 2018 a branch of staff was created called the Modding Staff, with a unique green color and various roles delegated to them. The branch was unsuccessful in finding its place, and its functions were merged into existing branches. The staff as a whole was much larger in earlier years, but as the site aged (its birth year is 2002!) positions have had to be merged, removed or otherwise changed to meet the site's needs.

Gaming Staff are a department that existed since roughly 2012, being reorganized in 2015 and continuing as a loose collection of site areas with site staff legitimacy and an overseeing Hex. These areas have typically been independent, with Hex only taking care of admin duties as needed. With each Gaming area becoming dormant over the 2020s, the decision was formally made to cease the department in December 2023 with final steps taking place in January 2024.

Credits: Many of the descriptions used here were taken from an original forum post by Commissar Caligula_

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