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Hexagon Council

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Hexagon Council
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The administrators of the Total War Center site and forums are collectively known as the Hexagon Council or 'Hex'. The Council is the main body which performs the day to day administering of the Total War Center, its forums, and its presence on other sites. Members of Hex are typically leaders of a branch of Staff or a distinct area of the site, though on occasion they may be appointed for specialized purposes. Though Hex lead their own branches, it is possible for members of Hex to assist in other fields if they have the appropriate knowledge, access and availability.

Members of Hex as leaders of branches supervise and have the final word on the appointment and removal of other staff members. They may take on specific duties within the branch or deputize Staff and Directors to oversee specialized areas, or both. Though Hex have significant autonomy, major site decisions are made collectively; even the Owner may respect this collective process despite having the ability to take any action as the operator of the website.

The Technical Hex have the deepest site access, but are not typically active at this time in TWC's life. General affairs are best raised to active Hex for other branches, who do not have as deep technical access but are still able to keep the rest of TWC including their branches running.

Definition of Roles

Within Hex there are a number of primary roles:

  • The Site Owner
  • Moderation Hex: Serves as overseer of the Moderation Staff.
  • Content Hex: Serves as head of the Content Staff.
  • Technical Hex: Serves at the highest level of Technical Staff.
  • Gaming Hex: Serves as head of the Gaming Staff.
  • Modding Hex: Oversees the Modding areas of the site.
  • Awards & Competitions Hex: Serves as Head of Awards Committees and runs general Competitions

Other possible roles include overseeing the TWC Store. Note that Hex may be in multiple roles at once.

Present Membership

Administrator Emeritus

Those who are Administrator Emeritus are former Hexers who have left office but are kept around in staff for opinions and advice.

List of Administrator Emeritus


Main article: History of Total War Center

Hex originally referred to a combination of the Triumvirate (three admins) and three praetors (global moderators), together forming a "Hex". This system transitioned to a model with Ogre's Network providing oversight, having an Imperator to oversee day to day affairs, and generally two less powerful admins known as Consuls. When the site was purchased by imb39 in 2007, a new administrative structure was set with each administrator having oversight over an area of staff closer to the arrangement of today. The term Hex has stuck around as a way of referring to the administration despite a flexible amount of administrators at a given time.

In earlier years it was (briefly) possible for administrators to be elected, and later for administrators to be elected from within staff branches. In modern times new Hex are appointed by consensus among existing Hex or directly by the Owner. Today's Hex continue to have a main branch of responsibility, though with reduced numbers Hex are able to overlap or take on other roles as needed and available.

In early years there was a collective account named Hexagon to perform various tasks and post on behalf of Hex collectively. However, abuse in early years resulted in the account being demoted, unused save for the occasional admin's joke.

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